Friday, July 9, 2010

Survival of the fittest

Herbert Spencer coined the phrase, "survival of the fittest." Herbert Spencer (who coined the term) and Charles Darwin. Source:

I’m nowhere concerned/connected with ecological study, but the reason I’m still using the term “Survival of the Fittest” (SoF) is that I was made aware of this term by a colleague of mine in the office just few days back. Man… our life is based on SoF!! was his words, and I was totally shocked.

Bcoz what I knew about this term was that SoF was used to describe the evolution theory for species (animals) and their way of natural selection of evolution. But how the hell this term became applicable from animals to Human beings of 21st century?

After talking to many of my friends I realize that due to the fast pace (our lifestyle), people had started believing that the life is competition. I tried to place my belief that competition maybe applicable for work/office, but I found that people (Less then 40yrs of age) strongly believe that SoF is applicable to their family life too.

This makes me very sad to see that they are competing with their loved ones & strangers both, which comes to a conclusion that the present life they are living does not reveals much difference between Family & Colleagues. Sad!!

Why are we competing anyway? was my question to them. In reply I got many heavy weight words like: Promotion, money, success, happiness, attention, prestige, social status, etc. But my question still remains unanswered, WHY? I bet that even after achieving any of those heavy words(targets) the person will not stop. Once you think that life is a competition, and then it means everything in this universe is your competitor.

I’m trying to make people believe that we are not animals who need to compete in order to survive. But it does not makes much difference as they all remember things for some time, and then they’re back into the self-started rat race.

Are u also the one who had self-started this competition (race) for urself???? Planning to stop now, now or it will become too late. Stop being ur own enemy, we’re not competitors, we are educated humans.

Blessings to all.

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