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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Searching good people on this earth

“You can't change what you have started, but you can change the direction you are going. It's not what you are going to do, but it's what you're doing right now that counts." Author: Napoleon Hill
This Beautiful quote made me break my silence of 15days, Well… well… Those who know the depth of these words will luv it, rest of the people can only appreciate its approach towards life. But I’ve got no complaints from either of the group; bcoz some1 told me in my childhood that we all are children of the same almighty lord.
There are few rules I have in my life, and 1 of them is that: Bocz I luv some1, so I will luv everything which is connected to my luv’d one. Ex: I luv their possessiveness, and I luv that “limited amount” of freedom they give me.  Following this rule had landed me into so many tough situations that I will personally suggest all emotionally weak people to “NEVER” try it in their life. If u have attitude, and if u have strong ego, then also plz do not try this in ur life.
Others are encouraged to take this risk, I agree that it’s great to fly like a free bird, but believe me it’s a really beautiful feeling to play on the tips of ur master who luvs u the most. I agree that I maybe a hurdle in ur path of tasting the freedom of this world, but I’m just trying to attract ur attention towards this beautiful world which u already are having in ur life. Before asking for luv, why can’t we give it first to everybody around us? Giving luv is much more important than seeking luv, trust me on this.
Okie just lets think about this as a simple business deal, now if I ask u to luv me, then u will obviously ask me in return that: Why should I luv u? Did u give me luv before asking for it? So the point remains the same… Life is a matter of Give and Take. Remember the word “Give” comes first… and then comes the words “Take”, but there is no mention of the word “Ask” in this. This means that according to life we’re expected to give luv, and keep giving it. Also we should be always ready to take (accept) the luv which we get in this life. Whereas the major mistake here is that in between all this Give & Take… we introduce another thing called Ask/Want luv.
I completely agree that it’s our right to ask from god, But! But! But! … Are we so weak that before doing our duty of Give & Take… we are not able to resist our curiosity of asking luv? I have set a minimum requirement for myself that: I should: give luv, or show affection/kindness, or forgive at least 10,000 people before I can expect anything in return from this life. But I keep forgetting the numbers, so sadly I’ve still not able to reach the minimum eligibility criteria for expecting anything back from god.
I’m searching better humans than me; who have crossed this mark of 10,000 people, are u one of them?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I do when I Miss U...

Sometimes, Missing is more precious than being together,
It is true that the beloved is not with us physically,
But it is also a fact that beloved is more important…..
Then everything else which is physically with us…..
Because, we miss only those people whom we never want to MISS.

I understand the feeling of Missing ur beloved ones, at times… it hurts a lot. But now… after knowing the life from a close distance, I wonder that how much immature I was to let my heart hurt because of Missing. Puzzled? Okie let me share a beautiful quote with u all…. Read this slowly, carefully, let these words sink into ur heart…..
As a bee - - without harming the blossom,
its color…
its fragrance…
Takes only its nectar, and flies away:
so should the sage….
go through a village.

When the heart starts hurting, it’s in our hands as to what we take and what we leave from the situation. We can cling onto the sadness of missing our beloved, or we can strongly hold onto the happiness of “feeling our beloved close to our heart”. I think more about u, I think so much till the time my heart starts believing that u are here with me. I dream about spending time with u, I plan my words, I shape up our virtual conversations, I keep falling in luv with ur charming smiles as we sit in front of each other sipping our coffee, All because… I know this madness will never hurt anybody… except my loneliness.

I know you will say: Easier said, than done. But am I talking about something impossible? If u think: Yes, then believe me… Achieving this level of madness is easy.

Try it J

Friday, April 1, 2011

[Day-To-Day] Color Therapy

Dear Friends,
What exactly do u know about color therapy? I'm sure that u are aware that we're always influenced & affected by colors around us. Past experience reveals that the changing anything in life can be as easy as changing cloths. Today I'm in a happy mood and feels like sharing this secret of happy life with u all.
These colors have lots of influence on human moods and behaviors, and I've noticed few things about these colors. Hope my observations might help u.....
Color   Influence
------   ----------------------------------------------------
Blue. Any shade will have a calming effect on the mood and creates feeling of serenity.

Green. Balances the mind, heals, relaxes muscles, and in turn smoothen the hectic routine.

Orange. Dynamic, Expelling, makes you feel optimistic.
           A pick-me-up color when you're sluggish.

Red. Fiery, Heat, Increases energy level, stimulates (can increase) your heart rate.

Purple. Best healer, Shades of lilac and violet generate creativity around u.
Light shades of these colors around u can change everything u feel. There is no proof that colors do magic, the magic happens when we believe in our self (strongly). But these colors surely help a lot.
A question comes to mind: How to make these changes?
I'd say that selecting ur proper colors in clothing, room decor, and even a small object of that color (pen, mobile, cup, mug, bottle, key ring, handbag, gift item, card) will give you benefits. Just try it, there's no harm I believe.
Hope this post helps to bring happiness into ur daily life.
Luv all..... n Be Blessed.

Eternal Bliss

Dear Friends, I feel so happy to share that while sleeping god came in my dream & Blessed me. He Said....