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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm in mood Part-2

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When I c u around me,
U make my heart skip a beat.
I'd never thought that I'd ever feel like this,
Feels as if some excitement is engulfing me.

When I c u around me...
Butterflies dance in my stomach,
and I don't know how to control them.
I want to look into ur eyes,
and wish to see myself in them.
I want u to be mine,
with ur heart and mind both.

When I c u around me...
I want to feel that touch of ur hands,
soft like cotton and warm like kiss.
Ur eyes r just like two big pearls,
I can drown in ur deep angel eyes.
with u everywhere on my mind,
I can't think anything except u.
Storms of loneliness engulf me when Ure gone,
Loneliness sickens me heart when u say good bye.

When I c u around me....
U smile comforts my helpless heart,
that heart which is torn by cruel world.
Ur smile reveals a deep mystery in it,
and colors my world as u bloom.

When I c u around me....
the only thing I can c is U,
I've lost myself bcoz now my is U.
If u give ur heart to me in luv,
then v both will live together,
and will live forever....
in each other's hearts.

I'm in mood Part-1

I just felt like sharing all this, I'm in mood today :)

Author: gsvirdi
E-mail: -
Date: 12/29/2010 10:30:45 AM
Subject: Re: Falling In Love Quotes
Message: Very nice quotes :)

I would like to make a small correction in one of ur quotes here:
"The worst thing a guy can do is; To make a girl Fall for him when he has no intention of loving her truly."

It's really sad to see that Indian culture is almost dead in youngsters now-a-days, everybody talks of luv, they all know the definition of luv, but... but... but nobody wants to accept the fact that luv demands your:
Unconditional affection,
Attending responsibilities, and
Being committed.

Commitments now-a-day are like a bunch of words, guys will say it just to get close to a gal. Nobody can ever imagine that luv is not at all physical, everybody talks of luv, feelings, emotions of happiness and pain in luv... but they all forget that there are many couples who appear to be eternally happy just bcoz they are in luv.

I'd like to give an example of this: A L&Ten bought a bike, can't afford too much still he can't go lower then Pulsar150 bcoz that bike is bought to show-off (or say attach attention).

One fine day as he was driving to office at the speed of 80.... Zooooooooom went a Yamaha FZ153 (can cross the speed of 120 in 8Sec).

I bet the guy will feel sad, very sad, then he will also accelerate and try to catch that guy. But that sadness will remain somewhere hidden in the heart that he does not possess the best bike in the market.

As expected that guy will not cry, nor he will try to sell this one to buy a better bike, then what will he do? U will agree that the guy will simply try to fool himself by reminding better things about his Pulsar150... on the same time he will try to ignore the fact that his bike is not the fastest one.


Just one question: Why the hell that same guy will not luv his girl in the same way? He will always keep looking for better opportunities and finding a more beautiful one....

Dual standards of Youngsters.... I will again say Indian culture is dying in almost all youngsters now-a-days.

If u also decide to keep the culture and parental teachings alive... then just be Human, I agree nobody will give u Billions of $, nobody will put garland in ur neck, u may never come on TV for this, nor any newspaper will talk about u.

But that self-consciousness.... will always make u smile, happy, and content. Last but not the least.... I will always respect u, no matter wherever u are, no matter if I know u're good or not... I always will respect real "Humans" who are not like irresponsible animals.

Can u pledge to urself and help make our India beautiful... as beautiful as it was centuries ago. Can u keep the education and culture both alive inside ur mind and heart?

I'm trying... from past 10yrs... and I'm happy that I've always done better then what I did yesterday :)

PS: Plz excuse my spellings.....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nobody fools the "Fear"...

We can fool all our emotions/feelings; provided if we can give a good reason for it. We all give some kinda reasons to fool our self and feel better about unpleasant things happening in our life. We can find a reason to luv, hate, be happy, feel sad, cry, laugh, smile, frown, etc and etc.... But the only emotion u can't fool is "Fear", u can't remove the fear by just reminding urself with any reason.

In a way the "Fear" is immune to reasoning, u can find 100s of reasons... and u can create another 100s of reasons... but u just can't reason the "Fear" away from u. Bcoz the fear originates from within our self... we can't handle it with the Reasoning. It is just the same thing as u can't cure ur fever (internal) using any ointment (external).

Fear is only of two types:
1. Somebody else's fear, adopted by u.
2. Your own fear, fed nicely by u.
In both cases the reason of bringing fear in ur heart/mind/life is same... fear of losing something/some1 who is present in ur life. In short... its the "Fear of Loss". We're all are created to get destroyed 1 fine day, still we all pay useless attention & luv of possessing things we have in life. Everybody talks of being "selfless" human, but still none of us are the way we all should be. It's perfectly okie... we're all humans and we all have a right to make occasional mistakes too. There's nothing bad in making mistakes, bcoz the result of our mistakes gives us that unforgettable lesson.

Prevention is better then cure, sounds familiar quote? I know... now have a look on things which help u do the prevention. U want more, u create more doors for fear to enter. U expect more, u create more windows for fear to creep in. U wish more, n u create more hammers which will break ur walls (discipline). I bet that the path of prevention looks tough, but nothing says that this path is impossible. U also know that u have that strength to walk on that path, and no path is having a rule that u are not allowed to fall & getup again. So... :)

U will have all clear & strong reasons of bringing-in the fear, but to take that fear out... u need to have a separate route & strategy. Reasoning may work for all of us in almost all situations, but for fear.... the only available vaccine known to human brain is "Hope & Faith", its really essential to have equal proportion of both these meds to cure Fear.

Our life has turned hectic, and nobody gets out of it alive anyway. U may agree that we've become quick enough to find/give a reason of anything happening to us. U can find a good reason to fear from ur fear, or else u may find a good reason to not to fear from the fear. In both cases the fear remains in there, so its better to think carefully about the option u may wish to select. Emotions which take birth directly inside us are just like our shadow, u can run from ur shadow; but u can't ever run away from it.

I agree that we may not think clearly when we're stuck by fear, but "no thinking" is also not the solution. It is not necessary that we need to be stuck by fear 1st, we can always keep those two medicines ready in our closet of life. We need to really have faith in the supernatural god, and our strong faith will strengthen the hope inside us.

I agree that nothing bad's gonna happen to u if u will not have "hope/faith", but on the other hand u will agree that nothing good's gonna happen too. We cannot reason fear away. If we could reason the fear; we would find that there is very little to fear... because most of fears originate within us.

Have a fearless day ahead,

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

God takes too long to answer prayers?

Heya Friends,

U must have said any one of these things recently: "My prayers remain unanswered", "God takes too long to answer prayers", "God does not listen to my prayers", "Why things don't happen as I wish"... I don't know about u but I... run away from the scene whenever somebody says these kinda negative things.

While talking to my dear friend piyush here in office I just had this thought today, "God (the supernatural) created everything and is monitoring us all as we breathe in and breathe out. How is it possible that such a supernatural will delay in listening / answering to prayers of his children?"

Please don't think that I had found the answer of the question above, I'm just trying to think by keeping myself in his shoes. I'm just feeling that let's suppose that we asked for something (in life), and let's say that u immediately got it too. Then how would the world have been in this situation? U're waiting for the train... getting bored in that underground station... just wished to see an elephant in front of u... and PUFFFF!!! u got that elephant infront of u there. Watta scene.... A huge elephant infront of u in an underground metro station.... wow!

Now just think carefully, and be a responsible human while thinking... How would that be? Don't u feel that this "getting prayers answered" immediately is TOO SOON kinda thing? Will u get that precious feeling of "achievement in life" if u get everything in seconds? Don't u feel that having patience and then getting our prayers answered is a better & wise thing to do?

I strongly believe and say:
There is "No" unanswered prayers, just the answer is "NO" at that time.

Why do we hurry up everything in life, not only this... we also want God, Life, time, mother nature, and other human beings to hurry up along with us? Is all this hurry and restlessness REALLY required to be happy and content in life? We all are strong enough to handle more then 90% of our problems in life, for remaining 10% of difficult problems the god had given us friends, relatives, teachers, guides, and angels which appear and disappear in our life from time to time.

Now.... don't u feel that we all should work harder to be more stronger in handling our restlessness also? I bet god would be more proud to see his children growing up like this. What do u say? :)

Blessings of luv, peace, happiness, prosperity, and a healthy life ahead.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Difference between.....

Difference between..... Having.....

Self-Confidence & Over-Confidence is:

A wise man had said:
Living in a dream world....... is only for those.... who refuse to wake up to face the reality!

Be careful about ur actions so that u can have a nice day ahead :)

Eternal Bliss

Dear Friends, I feel so happy to share that while sleeping god came in my dream & Blessed me. He Said....