Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ordering Correctly.

I don’t know what are you expecting from this title, let’s guess what I’m gonna talk about here? Will I talk about correct ways of praying? Difference between Right and Wrong kind of prayers? Give some lecture about Praying? Remind you about the importance of Prayers?

I’m not planning to do anything like that, I myself is bored of lectures. I strongly believe that there’s nothing like wrong way of praying, then why did I selected a title like “Praying correctly”?? In fact I’m having something else on my head at the moment; I’m planning to connect this situation with practical life.

Like everybody else, u also must have faced lots of struggles, u get tired of them, u said a prayer Oh lord, gimme a good life, and ur faith hopes that the prayer reaches the god, u wait for the prayer to get answered, u wait and wait, and as the patience weakens the faith; u start believing that god is not listening to ur prayers. U feel ignored and lonely, sadness embraces u to the point of suffocation.

Now just compare this situation with a real life situation, u’re in a hotel, u went to the counter, and said: I’m hungry! Gimme a tasty food and a drink. Now suppose u’re on the other side of the counter and u just received that oder (above). What will u do? What good food u will give to ur customer? What drink will accompany that food? What would be it’s cost? Will ur customer be happy to pay the price of that food u gave to him? What if that customer says “This is not I wanted, gimme another thing. GOOD ONE”

What would U do???

I believe that most of us are doing the same thing with god, we all want happiness, pleasure, easy life. But we never clarify the real meaning of Happiness while placing our order (Prayer). To remind u I’m comparing Spiritual actions with Real life actions. So Praying to god here is equivalent to placing an order in a Restaurant/Shop. U will agree with me on this “Definition of happiness will change from person to person, and situation to situation”, Now can u see that if u ask god to give happiness in ur life is just like asking for Food on Mc Donald’s counter.

God is almighty and he knows what’s best for us, with this belief u asked god to get the best thing for u. Now in the above condition if the person on the counter brings u a Top product with chicken wings n 1Ltr bottle of Coke…. and u happen to be a veggie not at all thirsty enough to finish off 1ltr bottle. What will u do? U will turn down the order, u have turned down a Top product. And I agree that u have not done anything wrong by turning down such an Order.

But didn’t u urself allowed the person to decide & bring the best food for u? When u already gave all rights to him to decide on ur behalf, then why do u feel bad enough to turn down that order after it arrives? Simple, bcoz this is not what u wanted. But how can other person know unless u clearly ask for what exactly u want? U asked for best and u are served the best. Why complain now?

Now….. Trying to step in the shoes of the person on counter: What will u feel if ur decision was turned down like that in Public? Obviously u will feel darn upset on such a customer. Ordering it badly and then turning down the best product given to him, u will never wish to get the same customer back on ur counter. Right? Same is with God, why will he entertain ur half baked prayers ever again? But god always answers whatever u ask, no matter how rubbish way u pray.

Only bcoz of our fault, our prayers remain unanswered for a long long time. It’s my personal experience that I have found my prayers answered within minutes. U have all rights to not to believe in my words, doubt me as much as u like. But who’ll be in loss? Believe in urself, keep ur faith strong, and order clearly.

In a nutshell: While placing ur order, place it correctly and clearly. Don’t leave any space for confusions & misunderstandings.

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