Monday, July 26, 2010

Giving Respect: The Importance & Rewards

Today I just feel like talking about a single word “Respect”. In my lifespan I had seen a very big and unavoidably very important role of this word. U may ignore to give respect in life, but u can’t ignore the ‘after effects’ of ignoring (or giving) the respect.

I can say that: Everybody had fallen in luv at least once in life. Leaving exceptions, those who close their heart and life (won’t comment on the reason; could be something too personal); there is no place of luv in their life. So let’s just have a look on the pattern with which we luv a person…

If we see closely, then we always fall in luv after getting attracted to a person. We get attracted bcoz the person possesses something which mysteriously had made a huge impact on us. In other words: When u luv someone, u respect him or her for being “the person” that they really are, not the person that u want them to be.

After falling in luv, u may want to make some changes in ur partner’s behavior, thoughts, actions, attitude, lifestyle, or whatever…. But the fact is that u had fallen in luv with that person for being what he/she is. So please never forget to respect the real identity of ur near and dear ones.

U can only luv someone completely if u respects him or her. Respect is like a stream of fresh water and without respect; don’t expect luv and kindness to grow in anybody’s life. Once u make a change in ur life by trying to respect everybody around u, I can assure that the amount of respect which u will get back in ur life… will make ur life much more beautiful then having a million dollars in ur bank account.

Giving and getting back respect can fill ur life with priceless “contentment”, whereas ANY amount of money can never do that. I wish if I can emphasis on the words “Any Amount” in a way I’m feeling right now. Something in me is telling me that everybody of us knows that giving respect and a kind smile will cost us nothing, but the question is that why we still are not able to share this free gift with all those who are around us?

Respect also contributes to the person that u really are; your image is greatly built by how u respect others and how u get that respect back. Ur abilities to luv the other person, is enhanced (or reduced) depending on how much respect u give to the other person.

U’ll agree with me here: Everybody luv to talk to kind hearted people who have good words to give. Once u taste the sweetness in the stream of “Respect”, I can say that everybody who honestly tries to give respect… will become such a person, with a beautiful heart.

My wife and my adorable friend (Mashu) have made such a beautiful impact in my life, that I don’t even remember the last day/time when I complained to god about my life. First of all I would like to express my deepest thanks and endless praises of almighty for blessing me with presence of such beautiful people in life. Secondly I would like to express millions of thanks to all of u for respecting me for what I am.

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