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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kabhi Kabhi...

Meri khushi bhi tu, meri ruswaaie tu,
Meri insaniyat tu, meri khuda-e bhi tu,
Tu he meri mehfilein, meri tanhaie bhi tu,
Jis jagah tu nahi, waha kay sannatey mein tu,
Dil dooba rehta hai tere khayalon mein har-su...
Na jaaney kab unsey mulaqat karwaiga eh-khuda tu.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life is so beautiful...

Tough times & struggles are storms in life,
When people face strong winds in their life....
Few of them make walls around them,
Few of them make shelters for themself,
but few fools like me make lots of windmills.

Struggles are to polish us, I don't know about u... but at lease I never complain when I know that the outcome of this struggle will transform me into something much better "than" what I am right now. :)

I do understand that it's human nature to complain about the pains we face in life. The sad thought comes to our mind without any such intention of thinking sadly. But... but.... but... I can bet that we all have that strength to control our mouth, and so everybody can stop complaining about struggles they face.

There's nothing wrong in complaining about unwelcome struggles in life, but it is completely possible to stop saying out the complaints we have due to tough times.

I'm +33yrs now, and only after crossing this much time in my life I'm able to gain this wisdom & strength. I would say that there's nothing "Late" in life, I agree that there were times when I used to keep my mouth shut so that I should not complain... and on the same time quietly a few tears used to roll down my cheeks. Those days of struggle in growing up was an unforgettable stage in my life, but after gaining strength over my weakness... today it appears as if gaining this strength was much more easier then what I used to think.

Damn I'm talking so impractical??? but I'm amazed with the fact that we all have this strength in us. Why would u believe this stranger whom u had never seen, nor u might see me in real life. Okie... how about sharing ur pieces of struggle with me, maybe we together can overpower the pains of struggle. Just try it, I'm sure u'll never lose in this gamble :)

May the almighty lord keep u and ur luv'd ones blessed, safe & healthy.

Eternal Bliss

Dear Friends, I feel so happy to share that while sleeping god came in my dream & Blessed me. He Said....