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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Characterless person


By the blessings of almighty I just got few minutes to sit by myself on this beautifully boring day in office. The day started with pleasant breeze, clouds in the sky, cool wind, beautiful trees, enchanting fields, riding my bike to office (without doctor's permission), witnessed rain in the way, crossed potholes, survived water logged areas, got my shoes spoiled, got my myself, turban and cloths wet, gathered enough patience to be able to drive up to the office, enjoying the chill inside office within my wet cloths… I blindly believe that whatever god will send for me... would be "Best". If this is one of the best day god gave me, then I can't ask for a better day.

I'm still getting surprised by rules, laws, guidelines, and specifications of this life. Personally I don't think this was a gr8 start of my day, but if god gave it; then I'm nobody to question. Drowned in the same waters of surprise I just started wondering the 2nd definition of "Character", bcoz according to me a man's character are his attributes that determines his moral and ethical actions and reactions. But… according to Life is there any other meaning?

Some says that the education/knowledge is most valuable acquisition in life, but I feel that the character is more valuable than knowledge. One may be a learned scholar, or hold a high social position/authority, or may be very wealthy or may they become an eminent scientist, but if the person does not have character, all the other attainments are of no use at all. I have seen people being respected and lifted to heights of popularity, but only till the time they are having the power/position/authority, once down from the height… they fall into the mud of anonymity. Sacrifice, love, compassion, and forbearance are few of the sterling human qualities that u should foster in the character. One must get rid of all worldly negative energies like jealousy, hatred, ego and anger, which are bestial tendencies.

I would luv to ask my friends that: Do I have this kinda admirable Character? By the grace of god all my friends are too busy in enjoying the worldly gifts, and being a good friend I will avoid disturbing and spoiling their festivity moods. By any chance if u (my reader) is having enough of time to think about my question, then please reply…. And please be honest too.

Ur reply is not the only thing I'm looking forward to, I'm also very much interested to see u slowing down for a minute and think the same thing about ur Character too. I would be one of the proudest of people if I'm able to help u spend that precious time with urself.

I luv u all strangers, my acquaintances, friends, enemies, relatives, and colleagues; I agree that many of us have been separated in life and had gone away on different roads, but I will always luv u all for invading my life from time to time. I'm so much thankful to my adorable wife for sharing this wisdom and changing my life forever.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two sides of a Pearl called *Tear*

As this priceless drop rolled down my face, I started wondering the real responsibilities assigned to a tear. I've heard wise men said: God is the Director and we all are mere characters in this movie called "The Life".  Let me tell u that I'm not at all sad, I'm so happy at this minute.
Reason? Answer: Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.
When we r deeply happy, we get these liquid pearls. When we r sad, these pearls reduce our pain as they roll down. What exactly is the role assigned to tears by the lord? Talking scientifically, what exactly these drops do; which seems to control the imbalance of emotions in us?
I won't call myself a god-fearing person, bcoz I don't fear from god; I somehow am full of luv for him. I won't even call myself religious bcoz I rarely take pains to visit our shine; but I greatly respect all saints and good people. I won't call myself sacred bcoz I don't do daily prayers, nor I follow any rituals; but I honor words/teachings of wise men. I won't consider myself divine bcoz I'm a human…. A real human; a human who feels pain, sadness, thirst, hunger, weakness, heartbreak, disappointment, and much more painful things. But I'm aware of the fact that I'm a unique human who is deeply pampered by the almighty lord. I'm disgustingly confused about my status in life, but I assure that once I get myself clear about my status and role… I will give my best of efforts in playing the best of roles in this movie (the life).
I'm just a simple person trying to live the way saints did 1000s yrs back, Indian culture is so rich that within few years I see myself as a new person altogether. Following the words of wise men, I just:
'Changed' my thinking,
'Increased' my faith in god,
'Strengthened' my trust in my luv'd ones,
'Accepted' lessons given by life,
'Gave' every kind of help within my limits,
'Respected' every human soul who is kind towards others,
'Luved' everybody who gave their time to me,
'Honored' words of saints/elders,
'Tried' my best to bless everyone.
I'm just me, trying to make the part of MY role as best performance. I don't wanna write quotes/teaching bcoz u can search for "divine quotes" on Google and get trillions of results; I prefer to share what u will NOT get anywhere else… "My Personal Experience". Back to the real reason why I'm happy was that I just had a feeling that "I'm Luved", and was trying to count who & how many luv me. After spending more than 37mins I came to conclusion that only 1 loves me… 'The God'. He luvs me so much that he had blessed me with endless amount of friends who luv me back.
He sends a beautiful sunrise every day for me, sweet chirping birds to wake me up, floating pieces of cottony clouds in the sky so that I can see the amazing designs whenever I look up, flowers to spread beauty, fragrance to freshen the air, soft breeze to tickle my senses, a calm sunset to ease my evening, starry nights to keep me wondering about the beauty of darkness too.
I'm feeling soooo special, right now I don't want this beautiful feeling to be distracted by any kind of real life facts. When this fast paced lifestyle is making us forget our part of duty: To luv & respect others. Right now... This beautiful feeling is making me feel sooo much luv'd, that right now I have that spiritual power to share this unconditional luv & blessings with anybody.
Thx a millions to almighty lord for luving me so much even when I know that I don't deserve so much luv, Oh lord… I luv u too. Please keep me and all my Luv'd ones blessed.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I pronounce u, Husband & Sister.

Husband agrees to treat wife as 'sister'

IANS By Indo Asian News Service | IANS – Thu, Jun 16, 2011

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. June 16 (IANS) A woman who married a Meerut businessman confessed before him that she loved another man and pleaded him to treat her like a sister, which he agreed. The newly-wed woman has now sought police protection against threats from her father who is opposed to her love affair, police said Thursday.

Superintendent of Police (City), Meerut, Prabal Pratap Singh confirmed receiving a request for protection made by the woman identified as Aarti.

'We are looking into a complaint that she received threats from her father,' he said, adding that they would take action, if needed.

Aarti's father Anil Tyagi is a sub-inspector in Uttarakhand.

Aarti wed Nitish Tyagi, a resident of Devlok Colony in Meerut May 6, but told him that she had secretly married her lover Vineet earlier.

She said she was forced into the wedding after her elder sister, who was originally supposed to marry Nitish, eloped with her lover.

Nitish's father, a real estate developer, said his family had accepted Aarti as a daughter. 'Her wish to formalise her marriage with Vineet would be fulfilled,' he said.

Aarti told police that her father threatened her and said he would implicate Nitish's family in a dowry case.
I feel like an illeterate, I used to think that these things happens in Movies/TV Serials only :P

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do I have a place in ur life???

For how many nanoseconds (or) microseconds (or) milliseconds (or) seconds (or) minutes do u remember me on a Normal day?
How about on an Abnormal day? ;-)
U have a right to stay silent and not reply, if u feel good about that silence; then just use it.
Just remember, that ur friend's heart expects much better than ur silence. :-)
GS Virdi

Eternal Bliss

Dear Friends, I feel so happy to share that while sleeping god came in my dream & Blessed me. He Said....