Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beautiful Article: Guru Arjan Dev

I was so very impressed to see a beautiful article (on Guru Arjan Dev) posted by my wife on her blog Ganappa. I can tell u a lot about Guru Arjan Dev, but I would prefer u to read the original blog. She wrote it beautifully, and here is what I want u to do in ur life to get the blessings.....

The reason I was impressed is that she came to knew about this Sikh Guru named "Arjan Dev" a few weeks back only, and she did all kinda research on the net to know more about him. In spite of  being from a different background she took such a deep interest in Guru Arjan Dev's history that she dug up all possible information.

The adorable name given to the title of the blog is Forbear, forgive: Guru Arjan Dev and this was the Exact message he gave to this world. By quietly accepting all the torture done by mughals on him, the guru gave the message that the one who accepts to bear the torture is much more stronger then the one who is torturing. The bearer is much more stronger to forgive the one who is the reason of the pain, with his silence the guru shattered the ego of those who used to call them self most powerful.

I had posted a blog "Survival of the fittest" (SoF) in which I had talked about the wrong thought which we are having in our minds. I still say that our family life does not have any reason to think that we have to bring SoF in it. I bet that after reading everything about Guru Arjan Dev u will agree to the fact that: From centuries... we Indians have been Defying Darwin's theory of "Survival of the fittest".

Believe in the beauty of life, have trust in all actions of god. Keep ur faith strong, that whatever god had given is the "best" and the "only" thing u need in ur life to keep it beautiful. Luxuries are always tempting, but they all are temporary too. Whereas whatever god gave to us as a gift, is source of permanent happiness/contentment.

We are the smartest creation of god, don't degrade & insult urself by behaving like animals who are competing with every other animal in their species.

Stop thinking that we have to compete in all spheres of our life, otherwise u will never have enough of time to enjoy the real beauty of this life.  If u were also supposed to behave like animals, then why the hell god created u intelligent and so much different then animals? I hope u realize that these actions will insult ur almighty creator, and u would not like to insult ur creator with ur immature behavior.

Those who're running in top positions in SoF's rat-race, will call a person like me a Loser. But... I'm proud to be a loser, bcoz I'm a human... not a competing animal like them :)

I believe that "It's never late to correct our mistakes, provided u accept that u made the mistake." Who are u anyway..... I hope u're a human like me too.

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