The Golden World of Affiliate & Marketing

Hey Friends, There are many best things about affiliates & marketing, but if I've to say anything then I'd say that: Affiliates & Marketing is like a "Sky full of Golden light" spread all over us when we enter in this part of the world. Anywhere and evertywhere you look.... only thing u'll see is this golden glow all over the place. U can't touch it, u can't take it, u can't taste it.... it everything is goldenly beautiful. Optimistics held out thein hand and then say: Look I've myself turned into golden entity in this world, whereas Pessimistics says: Wow that's great, but golden color over my hand is fake. Newbies on the other hand are always in an aww, but this place remains golden and beautiful all the time. In case if anybody finds the black shade in golden color, then they blame the absence of the sun, but popularly the blame goes to those temporary clouds which keeps on going here and there on their journey. Everybody

Godrej SmartCare-Who cheated me?

Hello Godrej, I'm writing to bring into your notice that I'm shocked because of the information I received today from the executive who replaced the compressor. The EOP was changed along with the compressor, but I was asked to make payment because he told that this is NOT a Godrej original product, thou I didn't see any Godrej markeing or Godrej original packing on the replaced new part too.... But I'm shocked to hear that this existing part is duplicate, this part was replaced in Jan 2018 when I had raised a complaint of "Refrigerator not cooling". I am having a 3yr AMC so I always make complaint on Godrej smart care directly, the replacement was done by executives who came from Godrej and the replacement was free of cost at that time because the product was covered with AMC. But today I had to pay because this part is NOT a Godrej product. This clearly means that I was cheated & mislead in 2018 by those Godrej executives who changed the

10 signs she likes you (Part 4of4)

10 Signs that she likes you (4 of 4) A warm hello to everybody from India, It's 02.28am of 21st March 2019. Weather here is turning hotter, its 23 Deg C now. Today with this  4th and last part of the series we are suppose to know about the last 10 Signs of how to tell that if she loves you or is simply attracted to you. You can refer to the 1st part here .   points 01 to 10 You can refer to the 2nd part here .  points 11 to 20 You can refer to the 3rd part here .   points 21 to 30 Let's start discussion on these points a little bit more so that we can eliminate confusions. I wonder if I need to repeat the same thing, but let me just say it again... An Indian girl will not think about sex in the first meeting, so don't ruin ur relationship before it can even start. Continuing with next 10 signs that she likes you more than a casual friend:- She is waiting for ur calls, she wants you to keep talking even if there’s nothing new to talk, She does not shy to tou