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Monday, December 31, 2012

Proud to be Fearlessly cheap-Khap leaders.....

In an effort to shield their rapist sons and all other relatives…. Leaders of “khap panchayat” in Haryana opposed the demand of death penalty to rapists.


Misuse of tough laws (as if they themselves never misused their power):

These local leaders of village fear is that this new (tough) law will be misused, but how can their cheap brain forget about the misuse of power by their sons/relatives? It is an open fact in such villages that son of these khap leaders have tasted (raped) almost every woman in the village.

Victims and their family are forced to remain silent bcoz of fear of getting isolated and molested by these powerful village leaders. When these khap leaders misuse their power… that is not wrong. But if government will toughen laws….. then that will be wrong… What a cheap statement, and such cheapos call themselves leaders only bcoz they have money, power, authority, and goons to torture and terrify weak villagers.


Change cloths of women (don’t question mentality of men):

Instead of changing the mentality of men….. these leaders say that Government should change cloths of women. Women are treated like slaves in villages and instead of teaching men how to respect a woman… these leaders want government to make a law to legalize early marriage of girl child. Everybody in India knows that these village leaders do not approve educating the girl child, reason?? Reason is that an educated girl will become more wise (powerful) than a male in the family. According to these illiterate khap leaders…. A family should be ruled by  a male only, and all females in the family are his slaves.


Husband is god for a woman:

Alcohol is used as much as water by these men, they drink everyday… and after drinking they take out their frustration (or relax themselves) by raping their wife every time she refuses. These type of incidents where husband is forcing his wife (rapes) for sex is completely normal and legal thing. As per the suggestion of early marriage of girl child….. these local leaders are virtually raping the childhood of all females. Khap leaders are openly supporting the animal-like mentality of men by asking government to ban clothing of women, Hope u can understand the kind of trauma those little (married) girls will be facing if this Early Marriage (khap) suggestion is implemented by government. With such suggestion: khap leaders are feeding the animal mentality of their young men by (legally) providing young girls (early marriage), and then those animals will be raping a young girl’s tender brain every day and night.


I tried to ignore the mentality of these old local village leaders…. But they are forcing me to stop being stupid…. They are saying: It’s time to open ur eyes and use the wisdom I have gained with education. Now I hate them…. All.



GS Virdi


Saturday, December 29, 2012

India: Converting to Cheap country.

Ban skirts and Jeans…..

Breaking all barriers of shame, cheapness, and stupidity……. Local head of villages, few uneducated Ministers, and a handful of Fame-Hungry powerful men are demanding for a “Ban” on wearing skirts/jeans by women in India.

My personal advice to all female Tourists is to make a VERY SERIOUS note of this ban. But…. On the other hand… wearing proper cloths will NOT save u from getting “raped in India” (precisely New Delhi).

If u r a woman…. presently in India…. Then be ready to get raped… anytime, anywhere, for any number of days, and by any number of men.

If u’re a woman who don’t enjoy getting raped and killed, then Plz don’t come to India.


List of cloths banned for women in India:


Few Examples in Indian News: leges-15338.htm


Seeing these news pouring-in every day, it looks like India is heading towards its biggest and most shocking “Conversion”. A biased country full of cheap mentality men calling themself as citizens of Biggest Democratic Country….. is getting converted into a country with Cheap mentality, where all restrictions are made for women. Men here are responsible for “Making sure that women follow all restrictions”, and if somebody makes mistake in following restrictions…. Then Rape her, and implement few more (new) restrictions.


Men/guys here are allowed to nurture ANY TYPE of ANIMAL-LIKE MENTALITY, but a woman here should not wear skirt/jean……. India is turning into (What type of) a Fuk’n “Democratic Country” ….


Ashamed Indian,

GS Virdi


Friday, December 21, 2012

So u were proud to be Indian? Now what?

Being a male myself.. I must be another unfortunate 1 who had a closest view of “Animal-like” behavior of Indian men. Their thinking, their excuses, their cheapness (towards women), their mean thoughts, their sex maniac secrets (and they’re proud of it). No matter how educated they are, no matter how good their parents are, no matter how properly they r taught about Indian culture…. A common thing today is that all Men/Guys now-a-days look at a woman like a dog is looking at a piece of flesh. If u carefully observe the expressions of a guy looking at girl (in public)…. U can literally see their tongue hanging from his eyes, as it they have learned to lick from eyes and now they are on full-practice.

Shamefully….. but it’s a fact that Indian Men have become cheaper and most unethical creature alive on this earth I ever know of. I request everybody to be aware of an Indian male on internet, most probably he is another dog with two legs. They don’t even know the basic difference between compliments and flirting, they can’t give anything more than a F’ed up future.

I wish if I can safeguard my ethics, and may god give me enough of strength to carry forward everything (Indian Culture) I’ve got from my parents. Ohh lord…. Why the “F” I have to bear the insult of being an Indian? If u can’t finish them, then plz take me outta here.



GS Virdi




Headlines Today exposes how unsafe Delhi is for women

2 days 22 hours ago, Living Media videos

A group of men in a moving car pass lewd comments at Headlines Today correspondent near crowded AIIMS flyover in the heart of the city.



"Any woman on the streets is fair game": India's shame

Associated Press | Updated: December 21, 2012 00:45 IST

New DelhiIt is almost every Indian woman's nightmare, lived daily when in public - a stream of obscene comments, unwanted hands being placed on them and then being blamed for causing the sexual violence.

The gang-rape and beating of a 23-year-old student by six men on a bus in New Delhi may have sparked days of protests and demands for authorities to take tougher action, but for women in India it is just an extreme example of what they have to live with.

Many in India's capital and across the country say they are constantly on guard, fearing everything from the routine gropings they suffer on public buses to far more violent assaults. Some say they have structured their entire lives around protecting themselves and their children.

Here are the stories of three women:

Gita Ganeshan, a 52-year-old bank worker, moved to New Delhi with her husband four years ago from the central city of Bhopal to protect their oldest daughter after she was attacked in the Indian capital, where she was studying.

The young woman had been out for a morning walk in a park near her house when four men surrounded her and began tormenting her, Ganeshan said.

"One of the men squeezed her breast. She screamed and kept screaming and running till she came home," she said.

She said she and her daughter would go to the park when she visited the city.

"This was a park where we would walk every day. The girls would jog or run and we would walk along," she said. "Just that one day, she went alone and this happened and it changed our outlook as far the safety of our girls was concerned."

Her daughter gave up jogging and wouldn't leave the house alone for months. Her parents got themselves transferred to the city to look after her.

"That was when we decided that protecting our children had to be our first priority. We've given them a good education. We cannot now tell them now not to pursue their careers because it is not safe to be out working late," she said.

She has trained the young woman to be alert: "Never let your guard down."

Now, Ganeshan is thinking of moving to the central city of Indore to protect her younger daughter, who got a job there.

But for now, she has arranged a special plan to watch over her from far away.

Every evening, her daughter calls as soon as she gets off the bus on her way home from work. The two talk for the next 15 minutes while the young woman walks the kilometer to her home, Ganeshan said.

"Every day, I wake up and my first thought is of my daughters and their safety. I call them up, or they call me," she said. "It is a real fear we confront when, even for a few hours, we are not in touch over the telephone."

Sandhya Jadon, 26, a lawyer from the northern town of Agra, said the harassment starts as soon as she leaves her home.

"For most men, any woman who is out of the four walls of her house is fair game," she said.

Last week, she was repeatedly groped on a public minibus.

"It was broad daylight. I was heading to court, and this man kept trying to touch my thigh. I shouted at him and he had the gall to ask me, 'So what can you do to stop me?'" she said.

She shouted, made the driver stop and got off. But the man continued sitting in the bus and grinning at his audacity. Not one of the 10 other passengers came to her help. Most looked away, she said.

"All day that day I was disturbed. I was shaking inside but also angry. Why do we women have to suffer this?" she asked.

For the next few days, she avoided public buses for fear she would run into the man again.

She feels relatively safe at court, in her lawyer's robes. But she still doesn't stay late at work and asks her parents to meet her at the bus stop to walk her home.

"But the fear - that something bad will happen if you are not careful - is always with you. It hangs over your work; it hangs over everything you do - what you wear, or don't wear; how you talk or how you walk. It is like this big suffocating cloud hanging over you every single day of your life," she said.

Priyanka Khatri, a 21-year-old college student, said fear of attack has forced her to limit her world.

There are no movies in the evening, no late-night parties, no outside activity at all after sundown. College events are cut short because she has to get home.

"Whatever happens, I have to be home before dark. Otherwise, my parents get so worried and they will keep calling me on my cell phone till they know I'm safe," she said.

Khatri said she will only go out in the evening accompanied by her parents to a nearby temple or a family wedding.
She is shadowed by fear when she gets dressed in the morning.

"I wouldn't dream of wearing shorts or skirts in public," she said.

She is petrified by her daily commute to school on public buses.

"Usually I carry a safety pin with me, because in buses there are always men who will try to touch you," Khatri said. "Some men are so brazen, you tick them off and they will persist on groping you. Then you feel you have to do something. So I stick my pin into them, or I use my elbow, and just jab them with my elbow. But that too makes you afraid."

And she has tempered her dreams to fit the reality of life in Delhi. The outgoing badminton enthusiast longed to be an event planner. Instead, she is looking for teaching jobs, "because then I can be home before dark."

If her precautions fail and she is attacked, Khatri has a backup plan, she said.

"I will scream. I always have a scream."


Thursday, December 6, 2012

2013, A season of Lunar Eclipses

2013 brings two lunar eclipses in India

Press Trust of India | Updated: December 06, 2012 16:08 IST

Indore: Year 2013 will witness five eclipses, at least two out of which will be visible in India.

A partial lunar eclipse on April 25 and a penumbral lunar eclipse on October 18 would be seen from the country.

"We will be providing telescopic facilities to sky-enthusiasts for these celestial events," Madhya Pradesh's state Jiwaji Observatory, Ujjain, Superintendent Rajendra Prakash Gupt said in a statement.

He said, besides, a penumbral lunar eclipse would occur on May 25, an annular solar eclipse on May 10 and a hybrid solar eclipse on November 3 - which would not be visible from India.




GS Virdi


Eternal Bliss

Dear Friends, I feel so happy to share that while sleeping god came in my dream & Blessed me. He Said....