Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I do when I Miss U...

Sometimes, Missing is more precious than being together,
It is true that the beloved is not with us physically,
But it is also a fact that beloved is more important…..
Then everything else which is physically with us…..
Because, we miss only those people whom we never want to MISS.

I understand the feeling of Missing ur beloved ones, at times… it hurts a lot. But now… after knowing the life from a close distance, I wonder that how much immature I was to let my heart hurt because of Missing. Puzzled? Okie let me share a beautiful quote with u all…. Read this slowly, carefully, let these words sink into ur heart…..
As a bee - - without harming the blossom,
its color…
its fragrance…
Takes only its nectar, and flies away:
so should the sage….
go through a village.

When the heart starts hurting, it’s in our hands as to what we take and what we leave from the situation. We can cling onto the sadness of missing our beloved, or we can strongly hold onto the happiness of “feeling our beloved close to our heart”. I think more about u, I think so much till the time my heart starts believing that u are here with me. I dream about spending time with u, I plan my words, I shape up our virtual conversations, I keep falling in luv with ur charming smiles as we sit in front of each other sipping our coffee, All because… I know this madness will never hurt anybody… except my loneliness.

I know you will say: Easier said, than done. But am I talking about something impossible? If u think: Yes, then believe me… Achieving this level of madness is easy.

Try it J

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  1. Lovely and precious thought. I would like to share with my soul mate. Thank you so much for sharing so romantic blog with us here.
    dean graziosi


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