Friday, April 1, 2011

[Day-To-Day] Color Therapy

Dear Friends,
What exactly do u know about color therapy? I'm sure that u are aware that we're always influenced & affected by colors around us. Past experience reveals that the changing anything in life can be as easy as changing cloths. Today I'm in a happy mood and feels like sharing this secret of happy life with u all.
These colors have lots of influence on human moods and behaviors, and I've noticed few things about these colors. Hope my observations might help u.....
Color   Influence
------   ----------------------------------------------------
Blue. Any shade will have a calming effect on the mood and creates feeling of serenity.

Green. Balances the mind, heals, relaxes muscles, and in turn smoothen the hectic routine.

Orange. Dynamic, Expelling, makes you feel optimistic.
           A pick-me-up color when you're sluggish.

Red. Fiery, Heat, Increases energy level, stimulates (can increase) your heart rate.

Purple. Best healer, Shades of lilac and violet generate creativity around u.
Light shades of these colors around u can change everything u feel. There is no proof that colors do magic, the magic happens when we believe in our self (strongly). But these colors surely help a lot.
A question comes to mind: How to make these changes?
I'd say that selecting ur proper colors in clothing, room decor, and even a small object of that color (pen, mobile, cup, mug, bottle, key ring, handbag, gift item, card) will give you benefits. Just try it, there's no harm I believe.
Hope this post helps to bring happiness into ur daily life.
Luv all..... n Be Blessed.

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  1. Thanks girdi for sharing such an informative blog here.
    Now I know more about color therapy due to your blog.
    dean graziosi


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