Monday, December 11, 2017

My Fountain Pen

Hello Friends,

After many years I decided to use my fountain pen again, so I bought two ink bottles from Bril (Royal blue & Violet) and started writing few lines.

U must be wondering as to "What's so special about writing with fountain pen that made me write a new post on my blog after years of silence?"

Its just my belief that "If u will not enjoy writing ur words (thoughts), then seldom anybody else with enjoy them reading."

I agree that ball pens and gel pens gives us wings, we can write at our top speeds, but somehow I'm an old school... I still luv to write with fountain pen, slowly, enjoying the smooth creation of words as the nib goes up/down left and right. Honestly I had only spend around 16mins till now writing, but I assure u all that: I really enjoyed every minute as the nib of my pen glided on the paper... leaving lines of ink creating words.

We all might have genuinely transformed into gadget freaks, but the fact is the basic art of good hand writing is fading much more faster than anyone thinks of it. I'm not just saying, its an open fact that if u will pickup a fountain pen > fill ink in it > and start to write... U will be rushing like anything to write ur thoughts, u can't write anything without thinking about ur phone, online friends, or messages.

It had become so difficult to forget everything else going around us and simply enjoy the feeling of ur pen floating on the paper creating beautifully curved words... forming a beautiful line (full of feelings) to read.

People freak out if they r made to do anything again and again. This is the most dangerous devil we all have been feeding in this fast paced life of 21st century.

Just think of one word. Then start writing that word in as many creative forms as u can write on one full paper.
Then on a separate paper write that same word with same type of hand writing at least 200 times. I bet most of the people who will dare to try this... will go mad.

Take ur time writing, till u start feeling good. Then let me know how much time it took for u to feel happy/gud about writing that same word again n again.

This is the basic form we humans have adopted to keep our thoughts for ages, have we turned into such a weak person that we have fallen helpless in front of our own devils?

Go ahead pickup ur fountain pen and write, I would luv to read ur experiences with ur fountain pen... so please share pics of what u wrote and how u felt.

Luv u all,

Update: Here is what I wrote, total time spent, 22Mins: