Monday, December 31, 2012

Proud to be Fearlessly cheap-Khap leaders.....

In an effort to shield their rapist sons and all other relatives…. Leaders of “khap panchayat” in Haryana opposed the demand of death penalty to rapists.


Misuse of tough laws (as if they themselves never misused their power):

These local leaders of village fear is that this new (tough) law will be misused, but how can their cheap brain forget about the misuse of power by their sons/relatives? It is an open fact in such villages that son of these khap leaders have tasted (raped) almost every woman in the village.

Victims and their family are forced to remain silent bcoz of fear of getting isolated and molested by these powerful village leaders. When these khap leaders misuse their power… that is not wrong. But if government will toughen laws….. then that will be wrong… What a cheap statement, and such cheapos call themselves leaders only bcoz they have money, power, authority, and goons to torture and terrify weak villagers.


Change cloths of women (don’t question mentality of men):

Instead of changing the mentality of men….. these leaders say that Government should change cloths of women. Women are treated like slaves in villages and instead of teaching men how to respect a woman… these leaders want government to make a law to legalize early marriage of girl child. Everybody in India knows that these village leaders do not approve educating the girl child, reason?? Reason is that an educated girl will become more wise (powerful) than a male in the family. According to these illiterate khap leaders…. A family should be ruled by  a male only, and all females in the family are his slaves.


Husband is god for a woman:

Alcohol is used as much as water by these men, they drink everyday… and after drinking they take out their frustration (or relax themselves) by raping their wife every time she refuses. These type of incidents where husband is forcing his wife (rapes) for sex is completely normal and legal thing. As per the suggestion of early marriage of girl child….. these local leaders are virtually raping the childhood of all females. Khap leaders are openly supporting the animal-like mentality of men by asking government to ban clothing of women, Hope u can understand the kind of trauma those little (married) girls will be facing if this Early Marriage (khap) suggestion is implemented by government. With such suggestion: khap leaders are feeding the animal mentality of their young men by (legally) providing young girls (early marriage), and then those animals will be raping a young girl’s tender brain every day and night.


I tried to ignore the mentality of these old local village leaders…. But they are forcing me to stop being stupid…. They are saying: It’s time to open ur eyes and use the wisdom I have gained with education. Now I hate them…. All.



GS Virdi


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