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Saturday, December 29, 2012

India: Converting to Cheap country.

Ban skirts and Jeans…..

Breaking all barriers of shame, cheapness, and stupidity……. Local head of villages, few uneducated Ministers, and a handful of Fame-Hungry powerful men are demanding for a “Ban” on wearing skirts/jeans by women in India.

My personal advice to all female Tourists is to make a VERY SERIOUS note of this ban. But…. On the other hand… wearing proper cloths will NOT save u from getting “raped in India” (precisely New Delhi).

If u r a woman…. presently in India…. Then be ready to get raped… anytime, anywhere, for any number of days, and by any number of men.

If u’re a woman who don’t enjoy getting raped and killed, then Plz don’t come to India.


List of cloths banned for women in India:


Few Examples in Indian News: leges-15338.htm


Seeing these news pouring-in every day, it looks like India is heading towards its biggest and most shocking “Conversion”. A biased country full of cheap mentality men calling themself as citizens of Biggest Democratic Country….. is getting converted into a country with Cheap mentality, where all restrictions are made for women. Men here are responsible for “Making sure that women follow all restrictions”, and if somebody makes mistake in following restrictions…. Then Rape her, and implement few more (new) restrictions.


Men/guys here are allowed to nurture ANY TYPE of ANIMAL-LIKE MENTALITY, but a woman here should not wear skirt/jean……. India is turning into (What type of) a Fuk’n “Democratic Country” ….


Ashamed Indian,

GS Virdi


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