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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Any Resolutions?

Hey People,


I don’t know about u all….. at least I’m tired of making resolutions, I’d been making resolutions from past 15Yrs now. It’s not like that I was not able to complete/follow my resolutions, it’s just that I’m tired of making New Year’s Resolution (NYR).


For a change…. This Yr’s resolution is that “I won’t make any resolution this time J


Hope u all also must have heard that few learned people of Mayan civilization predicted a “nearly” end of this planet in 2012. I’m not talking about the fear, truth/misunderstanding behind that prediction…. I want to live like as-if I don’t have any tensions of the future.


So….. I hope now u know the reason of my this Yr’s resolution. By the way what’s ur NYR???? J


Luv u all,

Eternal Bliss

Dear Friends, I feel so happy to share that while sleeping god came in my dream & Blessed me. He Said....