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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where we (humans) made the mistake?

Never take failure to your heart; and success to your mind.

This beautiful quote is really effective, but only if u remember it in all gud/tough times. But a Q surprised me when my own heart asked me "Why did people in Japan only suffered?" series of Quakes, and a devastating tsunami, a volcanic eruption, then explosion in a nuclear plant … obviously these are not just coincidences bundled together.

Seems as if we humans need to SERIOUSLY change.... not only our actions, but we need to change our thinking also. Being an embodiment of forgiveness, god always gives a 2nd chance to all his children. I feel that god had sent alarm to all of us with that glimpse of destruction; god knows that nothing can weaken their will power and his Japanese kids will stand up again the same way they did after WW-II, so he selected that area and gave a wake up call to rest of the world.

I don't know about all of u, but I feel embarrassed about my irresponsibility. I believe such punishments could have been reduced only if we had prayed with our complete heart. Do u also feel that we need to leave our materialistic approach and bring back the loving attitude in our life? I've seen people, who are scared of god, but I feel that god is not to be scared off, he should be loved… madly. Like parents scold when kids makes a mistake, same way we all get our share of scolding and punishments too. Either it be a reward or a punishment, why is it so that we are not able to take it calmly? We react so much about anything happening to us, we react to unwanted change which is forced into our life, we react about our expectations, we react about the delay in answering our prayers, we react about almost everything…. Should we react so much? Is this reaction required on the 1st place?

Nobody alive can control their life and Mother Nature, nor do we think can anybody come on earth that can ever control. The main Q is: Why we all are still making the same mistake of expecting things to happen only for a pleasant reason in our life? Why are we not able to tackle the unpleasant changes in life? Why we are not strong enough to say: "Everything happens with the wish of god, and I accept the wish of god". Why r we so much drowned in our life that we are not able to pray for everybody alive around us?

Another set of punishments are already waiting to happen… >>>
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I know sometimes I really suck, but please forgive me... I'm sad... Before asking for forgiveness (for myself), let me pray for survivors in Japan, okie friends…. I'll write more… but later.

God bless us all.


Eternal Bliss

Dear Friends, I feel so happy to share that while sleeping god came in my dream & Blessed me. He Said....