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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Interview Checklist !

Even if u wanna get into some small company for any kinda job, u'll need to pass the Interview. Let's make interviews easy; thou "Interview" is very tension full yet an important event in the path of our professional success. U want it or not; u HAVE to take part in this event, and the only option u have is to "Do ur best"; else u'll be kicked out.

I happened to see a TV recording of this dance audition-1; sadly it was more of abusing word games instead of dance audition. Both auditors and contestants had exchange of hard words, nobody wanted to lower their ego. Like other people I also could have seen, enjoyed the fight, and had forgotten the TV show.

But I'm taught to be responsible, so everything in this world belongs to all of us together. This is our earth, our world, our society... and to make it "worth living" is... what we all should be longing to achieve. I tried to figure out the reason behind that abusive program. I came to a conclusion that "It all happened due to lack of knowledge of interviewers & contestants both". I'll explain why I think so....

If u know that the new place where u're going to visit will have snow, then u'll pack enough of woolens with u. And... if that the new place is very hot, then u'll never waste the space in ur suitcase by packing woolens.

So, if u know what's gonna be asked in the interview, u will make ur preparations in that direction only. Similarly if the interviewer knows what good/worst they may come across in the interview, then they would direct their questions, replies and decisions in that direction.

Today I'm trying to share a Interview checklist which u we should remember before stepping into the interview chamber.

1. Technical (Job) knowledge:

Be aware of the exact job for which u're gonna apply, if u feel u're not 100% perfect for that job. Then back out immediately, or else sooner or later u'll be in a trouble. A boss will help u outta problem, or else u're out of that office.

2. Relevant Experience:

Remember that the time u had spent in gaining the "relevant" experience of that job is the only thing which counts.

For example: I'm working as Instrumentation Engineer with a total of +14yrs of experience, I have through knowledge of AutoCAD (all versions) & Microstation as a Draughtsman (Mech) => +13Yrs; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online marketing, Website analysis, Blogging, Article writing, On page & Off page optimization, Link building => 1Yr; Im independently coding and creating C&I related utilities in VS 2008 C# => 2Yrs. But u do think if I apply in Microsoft as a coder, then I will be taken as a person with 14Yr experience?

I will say No... bcoz my relevant experience in coding is just of 2Yrs. But I can fit in as a supervisor, manager, product analytic, troubleshooter, customer support team, product testers, strategy planner, etc where my overall experience counts.

So make a note of ur Relevant experience very carefully.

3. Clarity of Thoughts:

This means that whatever u know and say, u should be extremely clear about it. U maybe good in hiding ur weakness, but the fact is that the interviewer is much more intelligent than u. They may not reveal that they have caught u, but they will be honest enough to reveal it on the paper. I'd say that if u don't know the answer of anything they're asking, just be honest "I'm sorry sir I don't know. But let me try to think of an answer using my knowledge/experience".

4. Way of Expression:

Confidence is the key here. Anything and anywhere if u answer without confidence, then that answer is gonna lose its marks for sure. Even if u know that the interviewer is trying to confuse u... DO NOT ever be rude, arrogant, or stubborn in ur way of expression. It must be possible that u might have done something in real which the interviewer is not agreeing as a correct/right way to do. But this does not mean that u're talking to ur enemy, its always possible to remain polite and come to an agreement.

5. Ability to communicate:

50% of ur interview is lost if u lose here. It is obvious that the interviewer will talk in double meaning way, its ur duty to figure out the right one and answer accordingly. It may be possible that they try to prove u wrong, but this does not mean that they are ur enemy. Be polite, understand the reason behind what theyre telling, only then speak. It is interviewers job to check ur ability to respond nicely in difficult situations, respect them and let them do their duty by responding in a mature manner.

6. Academic Records:

In professions like IT, BPO, Marketing, etc ur papers (degree) might not be an important thing. But in engineering believe me, ur papers are ur lifeline. If u dont have BE, ure nothing to be respected. So before u apply, look for ur papers first.

7. Team Work:

Remember that the interviewers are NOT sitting there to look for 1 perfect employee; they are there to find the best contributing teammate. So if u cant perform well in team, ure no good. Try to have a paper/award which talks about ur valuable contributions to the team, it will always give u a positive kick.

8. Level of Adaptability:

Im talking about u fitting into ur new office/cabin/cubical, Im talking about u becoming a part of the existing team. By seeing ur reactions towards surprising statements, annoying questions, decision making situations, by ur tone of replies, with ur body language interviewer will get an idea of how easily u may blend into their team. U might be a genius, but if cant become a part of his team, ure a useless genius. Every individual will react in different ways, so select ur best way. and react in a humble and decent manner.

9. Ur Strengths:

Try to make all conversations move towards ur strengths, so that u can express urself in a much better way. Whenever u give an example to explain something, try that the example u give should be in line with ur strengths.

10. Ur Weakness:

Everybody have some weakness, never be shy of them. Theyre also a part of u, if u cant remove them then befriend them. Always make the interviewer believe that the weakness is just temporary and u will work on it as soon as u gets a chance (in ur new job).

I've just tried to use my 14Yr experience to help u all who read my blogs. I must have missed few things in this process, so do let me know about what more I should include in our checklist.

Gud Luck everybody, almighty lord bless u all. J

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