Monday, January 10, 2011

Don't judge, just luv people.

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Date:1/10/2011 11:20:23 AM
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Message:"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about"

Beautiful line.... What I feel about the reason behind this immature ignorance of elders is that Elders get too busy with themself and their abilities.

We all think I have to do this, I should do this, I can do this, etc, etc.... drowning inside that "I" is 1 of the mistakes we all do everyday. I understand that this is being human, but can u give this excuse for whole of ur life?

I'd like to share a beautiful quote by mother Teresa "If u judge people, then u won't have time to luv them"; this is what is happening with everybody now-a-days. Nobody can ever fall in luv using their brain, still people bring their brain between two souls. I agree that u must be careful in life and so judging a person might be necessary, but is this (judging) da most important thing to do in any relationship?

If ur answer is "No", then Stop-it yaar... learn to trust, trust like a child. A child who blindly trusts his parents... Child keeps smiling even when that child is flung into the air, bcoz of the trust that his/her parents will catch him/her.

If u think u're a grownup then why the hell u r sooooooo scared to get hurt? Where is that enthusiasm disappeared with which u used to say "U can't rise in life without taking risks". Why ur ego/will power does not makes u feel ashamed of urself when u r not able to trust (blindly) god?

I'm really sorry to point-out that: All those macho-man out there, all u charming gals, all those highly educated big shots... u all need to learn the basic lesson of "Trusting da almighty".

Learn & practice to Trust, and u will get god gifts (like): Kindness, affection, luv, forgiveness, down-to-earth nature.... all for free.

As a volunteer of Rotary International (NGO) we're told to always remember "Service above self", same way we should also always try to remember "Luv above our self, realize the fact that the 'I' is not as big as u really think."

I'll repeat these beautiful words: "If u judge people, then u won't have time to luv them". Try to think about those words (above) every time u think about "I".... :)

B Blessed.

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