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Monday, December 13, 2010

Nobody fools the "Fear"...

We can fool all our emotions/feelings; provided if we can give a good reason for it. We all give some kinda reasons to fool our self and feel better about unpleasant things happening in our life. We can find a reason to luv, hate, be happy, feel sad, cry, laugh, smile, frown, etc and etc.... But the only emotion u can't fool is "Fear", u can't remove the fear by just reminding urself with any reason.

In a way the "Fear" is immune to reasoning, u can find 100s of reasons... and u can create another 100s of reasons... but u just can't reason the "Fear" away from u. Bcoz the fear originates from within our self... we can't handle it with the Reasoning. It is just the same thing as u can't cure ur fever (internal) using any ointment (external).

Fear is only of two types:
1. Somebody else's fear, adopted by u.
2. Your own fear, fed nicely by u.
In both cases the reason of bringing fear in ur heart/mind/life is same... fear of losing something/some1 who is present in ur life. In short... its the "Fear of Loss". We're all are created to get destroyed 1 fine day, still we all pay useless attention & luv of possessing things we have in life. Everybody talks of being "selfless" human, but still none of us are the way we all should be. It's perfectly okie... we're all humans and we all have a right to make occasional mistakes too. There's nothing bad in making mistakes, bcoz the result of our mistakes gives us that unforgettable lesson.

Prevention is better then cure, sounds familiar quote? I know... now have a look on things which help u do the prevention. U want more, u create more doors for fear to enter. U expect more, u create more windows for fear to creep in. U wish more, n u create more hammers which will break ur walls (discipline). I bet that the path of prevention looks tough, but nothing says that this path is impossible. U also know that u have that strength to walk on that path, and no path is having a rule that u are not allowed to fall & getup again. So... :)

U will have all clear & strong reasons of bringing-in the fear, but to take that fear out... u need to have a separate route & strategy. Reasoning may work for all of us in almost all situations, but for fear.... the only available vaccine known to human brain is "Hope & Faith", its really essential to have equal proportion of both these meds to cure Fear.

Our life has turned hectic, and nobody gets out of it alive anyway. U may agree that we've become quick enough to find/give a reason of anything happening to us. U can find a good reason to fear from ur fear, or else u may find a good reason to not to fear from the fear. In both cases the fear remains in there, so its better to think carefully about the option u may wish to select. Emotions which take birth directly inside us are just like our shadow, u can run from ur shadow; but u can't ever run away from it.

I agree that we may not think clearly when we're stuck by fear, but "no thinking" is also not the solution. It is not necessary that we need to be stuck by fear 1st, we can always keep those two medicines ready in our closet of life. We need to really have faith in the supernatural god, and our strong faith will strengthen the hope inside us.

I agree that nothing bad's gonna happen to u if u will not have "hope/faith", but on the other hand u will agree that nothing good's gonna happen too. We cannot reason fear away. If we could reason the fear; we would find that there is very little to fear... because most of fears originate within us.

Have a fearless day ahead,

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