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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

God takes too long to answer prayers?

Heya Friends,

U must have said any one of these things recently: "My prayers remain unanswered", "God takes too long to answer prayers", "God does not listen to my prayers", "Why things don't happen as I wish"... I don't know about u but I... run away from the scene whenever somebody says these kinda negative things.

While talking to my dear friend piyush here in office I just had this thought today, "God (the supernatural) created everything and is monitoring us all as we breathe in and breathe out. How is it possible that such a supernatural will delay in listening / answering to prayers of his children?"

Please don't think that I had found the answer of the question above, I'm just trying to think by keeping myself in his shoes. I'm just feeling that let's suppose that we asked for something (in life), and let's say that u immediately got it too. Then how would the world have been in this situation? U're waiting for the train... getting bored in that underground station... just wished to see an elephant in front of u... and PUFFFF!!! u got that elephant infront of u there. Watta scene.... A huge elephant infront of u in an underground metro station.... wow!

Now just think carefully, and be a responsible human while thinking... How would that be? Don't u feel that this "getting prayers answered" immediately is TOO SOON kinda thing? Will u get that precious feeling of "achievement in life" if u get everything in seconds? Don't u feel that having patience and then getting our prayers answered is a better & wise thing to do?

I strongly believe and say:
There is "No" unanswered prayers, just the answer is "NO" at that time.

Why do we hurry up everything in life, not only this... we also want God, Life, time, mother nature, and other human beings to hurry up along with us? Is all this hurry and restlessness REALLY required to be happy and content in life? We all are strong enough to handle more then 90% of our problems in life, for remaining 10% of difficult problems the god had given us friends, relatives, teachers, guides, and angels which appear and disappear in our life from time to time.

Now.... don't u feel that we all should work harder to be more stronger in handling our restlessness also? I bet god would be more proud to see his children growing up like this. What do u say? :)

Blessings of luv, peace, happiness, prosperity, and a healthy life ahead.


Eternal Bliss

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