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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Suicide By Ants!

This is mind blowing.....

Summer is the season which brings lots of beautiful things along with it, but the problem of ants is inevitable too. Apart from unhealthy conditions created by the mess of ants, I don't think people can see the trails of ants roaming around in their house. At least I can't see them roaming in my house. I strongly believe in no-violence but I'm forced to use insecticide on ants.

Somewhere on the internet I saw this mind blowing idea, and I luv'd the logic behind it....

Take baking soda and Icing sugar. Mix two equal portions of baking soda and icing sugar together in a dry container. Sprinkle this mixture where the anthill or their trail is. Ants cannot resist the icing sugar mix, and they will quickly take the mixture away.

Now for the kicker..... Ants do not have the ability to expel gas; so the gas created by the baking soda will make them blow up and they'll die.

Good Lord... All my senses are blown-up tooo..... if anybody of u would like to try-out this idea on ants in ur home, then I'd strongly suggest that u should Hide Alllllllll Antacids from the house so that none of affected ants can survive.

Wooo Hooo.... :P

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