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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Every selfish deserves to be loved.

I won't change myself for u, unless u r willing to change urself for me.
If u're willing to change, then I'm ready to initiate that change for u.

Lately I had an interesting conversation with one of my dear friend in office, he was feeling a bit low and maybe that's why he said: "Dada, this life had become so much fast that people have forgotten our Indian values, ethics, respect for others, and most importantly... people had forgotten how to luv."

I could feel that pain and disappointment in his words, the feeling of getting hurt was so clear in everything he said. I understood the fact that... no matter what I know, no matter what's my level of experience in life, no matter what I say to him at that moment.... nothing is gonna help him. I was just quiet and kept listening, at that moment I did my duty of being a good listening ear to my friend.

But few doubts crept into my head, and they all remained till the conversation finished: "Why do we change, is it really required, should that change be permanent, did we kneeled down to change?"

First negative thing I feel we all do is to think that we're compromising ourselves infront of life. I would say that when this life is our's then why should a person think that he/she is helpless infront of their own life?! Why can't we (educated, 21st century, & experienced humans) learn to smile and cherish everything we are getting in this life!

I agree that it's not easy to smile when we're hurt, but on the other hand I feel: "Don't we have the right and strength to smile whenever we want to do so?" It's 100% possible that nobody will give u an award for strongly hiding ur pains, but neither u'll be awarded for crying out loud when u're in pain. As u'll not be rewarded in any of these situations, don't u feel that the best thing is to enjoy urself in "all" possible ways and in all situations in life? I'll write something more in this post.....

I believe Life is Beautiful.... and I still need a very strong reason to disbelieve it :)

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