Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hold-on to ur Character.

By the blessings of almighty I just got few minutes to sit by myself on this beautifully boring day in office. The day started with pleasant breeze, clouds in the sky, cool wind, beautiful trees, enchanting fields, riding my bike to office (without doctor’s permission), witnessed rain in the way, crossed potholes, survived water logged areas, got my shoes spoiled, got my myself, turban and cloths wet, gathered enough patience to be able to drive up to the office, enjoying the chill inside office within my wet cloths… I blindly believe that whatever god will send for me... would be “Best”. If this is one of the best day god gave me, then I can’t ask for a better day.
I’m still getting surprised by rules, laws, guidelines, and specifications of this life. Personally I don’t think this was a gr8 start of my day, but if god gave it; then I’m nobody to question. Drowned in the same waters of surprise I just started wondering the 2nd definition of “Character”, bcoz according to me a man’s character are his attributes that determines his moral and ethical actions and reactions. But… according to Life is there any other meaning?
Some says that the education/knowledge is most valuable acquisition in life, but I feel that the character is more valuable than knowledge. One may be a learned scholar, or hold a high social position/authority, or may be very wealthy or may they become an eminent scientist, but if the person does not have character, all the other attainments are of no use at all. I have seen people being respected and lifted to heights of popularity, but only till the time they are having the power/position/authority, once down from the height… they fall into the mud of anonymity. Sacrifice, love, compassion, and forbearance are few of the sterling human qualities that u should foster in the character. One must get rid of all worldly negative energies like jealousy, hatred, ego and anger, which are bestial tendencies.
I would luv to ask my friends that: Do I have this kinda admirable Character? By the grace of god all my friends are too busy in enjoying the worldly gifts, and being a good friend I will avoid disturbing and spoiling their festivity moods. By any chance if u (my reader) is having enough of time to think about my question, then please reply…. And please be honest too.
Ur reply is not the only thing I’m looking forward to, I’m also very much interested to see u slowing down for a minute and think the same thing about ur Character too. I would be one of the proudest of people if I’m able to help u spend that precious time with urself.
I luv u all strangers, my acquaintances, friends, enemies, relatives, and colleagues; I agree that many of us have been separated in life and had gone away on different roads, but I will always luv u all for invading my life from time to time. I’m so much thankful to my adorable wife for sharing this wisdom and changing my life forever.
GS Virdi

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