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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Don't come to India

Standing FIRMLY by my previous advisory ( posted last month, I still would ask all female tourists to kindly stay away from India for few more years (provided getting “Rapped and/or Killed” is not an issue for u).

Sure India is a beautiful place with mother nature blessing various parts of this country, but sadly… To enjoy “THAT” beautiful part of natural beauty in India… u will need to travel thru “Uncultured parts of Indian mentality”.

Freshest News:

Four Class 11 boys detained for raping classmate

I’m sure these (less than 16yrs) innocent mother-fuckers misunderstood the meaning of a saying: Practice makes a man perfect.

Some more enlightening news:

Stalking forces Class 9 girl to kill self

Former Samajwadi Party MP arrested for molesting girl on train

Molested UP girl dies in Delhi hospital

Anti-rape Bill: No consensus at all-party meet

Four women raped every day in Maharashtra in 2012 (WOW… just four??!!!)

Woman allegedly kidnapped and gang-raped in Madhya Pradesh

Teenager allegedly raped by school clerk for a year

Manipuri teen allegedly raped in UP school

Samajwadi Party leader allegedly misbehaved with woman on train

Woman allegedly gang-raped on Indore bus, 3 arrested

Teen who set herself on fire after being molested by friend dies in hospital

Swiss woman gang-raped in Madhya Pradesh, her husband thrashed and after this display of cheap Indian mentality…..

Here’s what our ministers have to say:

After gang rape, minister says tourists don't follow rules

UK revising travel advisory to India, Swiss gang-rape case to find reference: Sources (Yes… this is the way to safeguard ur people)

Australia updates travel advisory to its citizens visiting India (Yes… this is the way to safeguard ur people)

A nation that does not respect its women can never prosper: Chief Justice of India (But who listens?)

India’s “Sick mentality” struck so called “Modern Youngsters” call this type of mentality (above) as “Rotten Old Indian Mentality”, so nobody now-a-days cares about the lost Indian culture now….. and those who cares about it, are not in a place to do anything to restore the lost pride of India’s culture.

Law to prevent crime against women soon: Sonia Gandhi (Just a news…. Nothing happened afterwards)

Indian-origin doctor faces jail in Britain for spycam sex attacks (Modern Indian mentality will stay same, no matter where such Modern Indians go)

Yamuna: a river that's all but dead (once it was called goddess river, and now it’s a dead gutter, not even germs can live inside it)

Finally, anti-rape law in parliament today; age of consent is 18 now (Finally… but like many other bills, this bill is also an orphan, nobody to help it grow)

Nearly 1,600 expelled for cheating in Bihar board exams, several parents arrested (This is how parents educate their kids in India)

Man quizzed by cops for questioning Mamata Banerjee (India is free country, but u r not allowed to ask question to any Minister)

Nepal reducing poverty faster than India, says Oxford study (Obviously… u can’t reduce poverty in a country alive bcoz of corruptions)

No country should take India for granted: Sonia Gandhi on Italian marines issue (I’m sooooo confussed… What is this? A drama, politics, ego, or government is really concerned with Indian families? Italians have already given Rs.10million each to both family, a complete family together can never ever earn that much, not even in next 20yrs, now what else do u want? What’s the Fuck’n issue now?)

So… my travel advisory remains the same (for few more years), Please don’t come to India.


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