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Friday, February 15, 2013

Wakeup before it gets too late

Gud Mrng friends,

Sounds funny…. I‘m saying Gud Mrng to myself, bcoz “Zero” comments & followers prove that there’s nobody who is interested to read this Gud Mrng. But I realize the fact that this blog is not a social networking place to have fun and gossips, I’m here to help my soul grow and keep the teachings of “my parents & religion” healthy and alive inside me.

But as per my promise to myself: Till the time I’m alive, I will keep doing my duty of writing, admiring, criticizing  the “Mentality” of this decade whenever and wherever required. I agree that doing this may not change anything, but the best thing I will achieve by doing this is that I can keep my conscious alive. Bcoz I believe that: No matter if somebody is rich/poor, everybody will live happily unless and until their conscious does not makes them feel the guilt of sin they have done. I’m sure that u all also must have read/heard this somewhere: Worst thing a good person can do is to; say nothing against wrongs happening around them. So today I would like to stand against: Declining sex ratio in India.

I came across this article on which said that according to one survey (Nagpur, 1980 and 1985) a new study published in the American Journal "Demography" and titled "Skewed Sex Ratios in India: Physician Heal Thyself" (The survey was conducted by collecting data from 946 nuclear families with 1,624 children. Either one or both parents were doctors and students at the Government Medical College and Hospital.

Everybody agrees to the fact that the mentality should be changed and removed completely… but if seen carefully then another reason behind the existence of such mentality is: Rising and uncontrolled crimes against women in India. It is obvious that if ur children are safe and u know that u need not worry them every minute they are outside the house…. Then nobody will nurture such mentality which supports gender-partiality so strongly. Now another link comes…. Another mentality also needs to be removed, and that is: Disrespecting the women. It is a fact that men are seeing all women as a sex-toys. Live example are two fresh articles I got in the morning:


(Mumbai man arrested for raping minor daughter, he was doing it from past 6 yrs)


(Man arrested for raping minor daughter in Rajasthan, he was doing it from past several months)

Both cases reported were have same thing common, that these lust-filled animals were outraging their own blood(daughters) from a long time.

Seems like the parabola of evolution is crashing with the speed of light…. Animals > Primitives > Man > Genius > Man > Primitives > Animals…. I agree that I’m not a genius, but at least I’m still a man and I will die as a man.

Come on people, we’re not so weak that we can’t Hold our humanity TIGHT, and if by any chance u are not in a mood to hold ur humanity…. Then let me remind u that: It is not possible to send millions of more Jesus who will die AGAIN & AGAIN for “the sins humans are doing” every minute.



GS Virdi


Eternal Bliss

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