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Friday, September 28, 2012

Evidence of water flows in Mars


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Evidence of water flows in Mars

by Saravanan Jawahar

Washington, Sep 28 (TruthDive): NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity has confirmed that water once flowed in the surface of Mars around ankle to waist deep and also was suitable for microbial life.

Scientists have come to the conclusion after briefing on Thursday with the images looking like an ancient gravel stream bed. These stream bed slabs which are named as Hottah are rounded stones ranging from a sand grain to a golf ball, cemented together with water which flow freely on the surface of Mars and believed to settle on the floor of Gale Crater some billion years ago.

WiIliam Dietrich, Mission scientist of California-Berkeley University said that it appears like water was moving in the surface around 3 feet per second and the depth of it was between ankle and hip-deep.

Dietrich said that it has been lot of assumptions about the flow of water on Mars, but this was the first time a water transported gravel actually was seen on Mars.

Curiosity landed on Mars' surface in August which is now on 51st Martian day. The evidence shows that a wetter and warmer Mars once had floods of water in the Gale Crater. The analysis is founded by the telephoto images which were taken by rover Curiosity.

Finding the water is the first step towards studying whether the climate and environment could have supported the life of microbes. John Grotzinger, scientist of California Institute of Technology said that flowing water always is a place for microorganisms that have lived.

The rover is well equipped with a drill, laser and a lab to investigate the chemistry of rocks like Hottah. However, present day Mars is a frozen desert with no clue of water in its surface.

The NASA Mars Science Laboratory mission with its rover named Curiosity was launched on November 26, 2011 at a cost of 2.5 billion dollars.

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