Monday, August 13, 2012

Bad habits of their Homeland.


I just happen to read the news above, but the most brutal wound was caused by words “Bad Habits Of Their Homeland”. The article above is talking about the problem faced by local residents in new York’s 74th street district……. The problem of “spitting of Paan” on streets and sidewalks.  Those who don’t know anything about “paan” can read the article (link above), and those who know what paan is… Can u people realize the shame thrown upon u by those words “ad Habits Of Their Homeland”??? Can u realize the shame cause by those words which means bad habits of India???


I myself likes sweet paan, and I don’t know if anybody can spit out half of it…. It’s so nice to chew it all. But I do agree with the fact that all lower class people keep spitting gutka/paan all over the place they go in their useless life. Personally I had been so much frustrated seeing such useless humans dirtying up our streets that I have literally started yelling at them saying: “Hang a polybag in ur neck at least”. Being honest I’m sure they will never do that, nor they will stop spitting everywhere… but I will feel better if I can help contribute to the country by trying to keep my city clean.


New Delhi (I was born here and had been living here since then) have been known as “Dilli Dil walon Ki”, Delhi is the Place of hearty people. I had seen times when our streets/roads where empty n clean. But now streets are full of people, and red patches everywhere. I remember myself posting a comment against bal thakrey’s remarks about outsiders….. I never objected to existence of outsiders who came here in search of work but never went back…. and now I myself see the difference. On big occasions/festivals like Holi, Diwali, etc u can literally see how much empty Delhi is. It takes just half the time to travel on such days. But now I feel hurt when those people live irresponsible life by dirtying streets and surroundings. After all this cheapness they show-off themselves as great sophisticated people also.


Shame on u Mr. Spitters.



GS Virdi


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