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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reasons & Signs of Possessiveness

My Definition of Possessive: A person who’s having all the best of negativity in them.

I was just wondering if I’m also of a possessive kind? BTW are u aware how to check if we’re possessive or not? Well…. A little bit is okie, but excess of everything is bad. I’ve got few tips for knowing that level of possessiveness in anybody, I don’t know if they’ll work for u or not…. But still I’d share them with u all here, 1st and foremost is….

Ignorance: I’ve seen that many a times when a person is trying to get into someone’s life but faces their ignorance in return…. They start becoming possessive about getting the attention. So I’ve concluded that our ignorance may force somebody to fall prey in the hands of possessiveness. Make it a point that we should never ignore somebody unless u’re sure that the person deserves ONLY ur ignorance.

Yearning for attention: Asking for attention is not wrong but passion for getting noticed is wrong. There are few people who clearly can’t handle their passion to get noticed and praised. I know everybody likes to get attention and get praised, even me too… but I don’t want t from everybody in the world, if I’m getting attention of those who luvs me…. Then it’s more than enough for me. But if u started wishing to get attention of “Everybody”….. it means there’s a problem. Buddy u really need to put breaks… stop… and think for a minute about this. Why should we worry about what others think about us?

Domination: Passion for getting attention from others can be seen in those people who like to dominate, the only reason to have desire to dominate is to get praises & attention from everybody. And…… unfortunately I don’t remember that those who had passion to dominate world have luving heart. Do u remember anybody like that? I hope u’re able to understand what I’m trying to say, where this desire of domination leads to…. ????

Inability to Share: I don’t mean about sharing a toy/ice cream, here I’m pointing towards the inability to share ur real/true feelings. Sure there are millions of things which can be termed as personal/private and should not be shared. But I’ve noticed that when possessiveness creeps in life, then a person is not able to share their feelings and/or possessions with anybody else in the world. This also includes their soul mate, best friend, and even the family.

Stubbornness: Kids r stubborn too, at this age I’m still stubborn, which means that this is not a reason to be called possessive. But I’ve seen that stubbornness about not sharing ur feelings/possessions will quickly lead to reaching the stage of possessiveness where u won’t even realize that u’re soft heart is turning into a solid. Unless u provide a door for others to come n stay in ur life….. the only way remaining to enter it will be to…. break it open.

Disrespect: Practically in life there could be only two reasons when a person disrespects somebody: 1. Either u’re emotionally not able to accept them, or 2. U’re not interested in them. In 1st case it could be that v’re upset, or v just hate a person, v maybe jealous, or v got hurt by that person, including other similar emotional barriers. In 2nd case v’re simply not interested in that person, bcoz v’re not related to him/her and so v need not pay attention to what they feel. But believe me my friend, “Everybody in this world deserves ur respect, and once v start respecting; everything will go fine in life”.

Personally I’m also not able to forgive few people who’ve hurt me in the past, but that does not means that I don’t respect them. Feeling hurt is my right, but respecting a fellow soul is my duty (as a human). Both are two different things, and I try to keep them on different places in my life so that together they should confuse my actions and leading me to the path where I may hurt anybody.

Not willing to Listen: If I’m possessive about anything, then I’ll not be ready to listen to anything which will try to change my thinking towards my possessiveness…. And that’s the fact! My experience of life says: The key to happiness in ANY relationship is: Listening. Unless u become a gud listener, believe me my friend u’ll not be able to achieve heights, neither u’ll be able to command respect from ur near and dear ones. Proof is that God gave us only 1 mouth to say what we think/feel…….. but he gave 2 ears to listen, listen from both sides. Lips are there to naturally close ur mouth when u don’t want to say anything, but god gave nothing natural to close our ears. U need to move 100s of muscles to lift ur hands and plug ur ears close.

Jealousy: Another monstrous emotion, the only things a person gets out of Jealousy is pain…. Loneliness… and more pain. I don’t know about u people, but at least I don’t want to be with a person who’s Jealous. Bcoz such a people will only be able to give u negative vibes and in return will take away ur positivity. I would luv to give my positive energy if it’s being used in some gud cause, but I don’t think a jealous person have any other gud cause than fueling their jealousy. Which means I’ll be wasting & insulting my positivity by being with a Jealous person, this is what I think… ur thoughts might be different.

Hatred: This is 1 step higher than jealousy, once u nurture ur Jealousy nicely and feed it properly u’ll surely reach the higher stage of hatred. A person like me will be finished if I allow such negative feelings grow inside me, but I’ve seen many people who successfully nurture negative feelings inside them. I really praise their strength, I just wish if they should try nurturing positivity too…. I bet a handful of such strong people will be able to change this world into a positive place…. Provided if they really nurture positive feelings in them.

Ignorant: This is not I talked about in the starting of my post i.e. Ignorance….. this is different…. Ignorant. This is the stage what u will be achieving when u become Possessive. U will become ignorant, and almost all of the ignorant people I’ve seen in my life lack knowledge/sophistication in their behavior towards others. They possess all qualities (mentioned above) which will make the remaining world ignore them in return. So…. U’ll get back whatever u’ll give to the world.

I’m sure nobody will ever have time to read about such a sad topic till this line (in the bottom), and I’m still writing it…. And I don’t know why. But if u’re reading this… then plz accept my sincere thanks for spending time reading my thoughts. I’m not sad today…. I just feel like talking about something which nobody is interested in talking…. And result in falling a prey in the hands of merciless Negativity.

Stay Blessed n keep Blessing,

GS Virdi


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