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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Who is wrong - China or India?

Hey friends,


I bet u would have all forgotten about the news of “China increasing the number of solders near Indian border”. It’s okie… u can read the news here:


Today itself I read another news: Chinese Choppers Violate Indian Air Space, our Hon Defense Minister had given a written reply regarding those violations (March 16th & 19th).


I would luv to remind our glorious past (up to 1947) and would request my fellow countrymen that: Please don't try to ignore the fact that Indian mentality have always believed in slavery. We Indians are most intelligent slaves anybody can ever get. We have made English rulers flourish eternally, we gave them our best and almost everything, but when few educated Indians came face-to-face with practical truths of life.... they understood the difference between education & knowledge. Then they gathered remaining followers (Indians), and we all fought back to get our freedom.

U can read so many articles which criticize China’s intentions, but why everybody becomes silent when we talk about scams? If China is wrong by keeping an eye on Indian land, then what punishment should be given to those who’re cheating fellow Indians? From where did THAT MUCH money came and where it is gone now? Who will pay for these scams? How will India get back this money? The only thing government do is increase taxes, increase all prices, and reduce all subsidies…. Eventually, we… the common man is paying for everything. Don’t u agree that such approach is Clear proof of Cheating?

India is a heaven for Criminals.

Indian Government allows politicians to do any number of scams, Indian courts encourage criminals by delaying verdicts, even if media tosses any crime…. Indian courts & ruling government give message of a bigger encouragement by giving negligible punishments, which appear meaningless if compared with the nature of crime done. For example: Not even a single Indian faced any death sentence due to scam (crime) which affected every Indian. Indian court have never given a death sentence even to rapists & murderers. There’s a saying which I heard recently: Everybody in India is allowed to do ANY kind of crime, provided u should not speak against the ruling government. Amazingly practical. Oh btw we were talking about who’s wrong, so let’s come back to the topic… J

Our younger generation (Indians) have millions of dreams, billions plans of success, aim to possess biggest house and maximum bank balance, they also talk about self-respect & ethics all the time, they discuss about prosperous future of the country. But they never do it, everything gets buried in words only. Not even 1 out of them can be counted as a "Responsible Citizen of India", wish if somebody can make them understand that paying taxes (TDS – Tax Deducted at Source) does not makes them responsible. Because they all know that the tax (TDS) they pay is taken forcefully. Otherwise nobody will ever pay anything to the government. In this situation… who is going to uphold our Flag of Pride? Truth is: Nobody….!!

People currently in the Government are too weak for taking any kind of bold decisions against any country (including Bangladesh & Sri Lanka). Indian Politics is completely immersed in scams, politics here in India is pure business…. and nothing else. All those country lovers are no more alive, but unfortunately the newer generation have buried their golden words too. When somebody dies in India, their words, teachings, values, and everything else related with that person dies. What remains is Opportunities…. I mean opportunity to use their name/words for ur personal success.

Fact is that: On the day when China talks strongly about snatching Arunachal Pradesh or any other place of India.... At that time Indian Government will Shout, Scream, try to gather sympathy, talk about ethics, will portray our peaceful past, will show videos of our Indian culture, talk badly about bad intensions, will reply in strong words, will publish news that we're strong enough to safeguard our country, and blah, blah, blah...... but eventually.... Will give the desired part of the land to china by saying "We Indians believe in world peace & benefit of mankind, so we're accepting ur childish behavior by giving u what u want.”

U can see we Indians running behind foreigners, using best of own buttered words. Telling all kind of fake things to make an impression on them. On the same time we would be spitting on our fellow Indian’s faces. It’s a common scene in complete India. I never mean that anybody should ignore or disrespect any foreigner… what I’m saying is we Indians seriously need to learn “How to respect our fellow countrymen”. How can such a country win any war where the government itself is cheating the common man. Basically we Indians were... and will... remain slaves…. Mentally…. salves forever. I luv my India, but hate this mentality :)


Disappointed Indian,

GS Virdi


Eternal Bliss

Dear Friends, I feel so happy to share that while sleeping god came in my dream & Blessed me. He Said....