Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RE: Receipt of promotional communication on Vodafone mobile

Dear Sanjay,

Kindly note that I (or any consumer of Vodafone) will not get dream about something called NDNC (National Do Not call) taking birth in Vodafone's maternity center, I would luv to see any communication sent from Vodafone to educate me about existence of NDNC. Even after activating Full DND If I need to dream about something unknown thing called NDNC… then I'm also interested in:
·         NSDNC(Northern States Do not call),
·         ESDNC(Eastern States Do not call),
·         SSDNC(Southern States Do not call),
·         RSDNC (Remaining States Do Not call),
·         LDNC (Local Do Not Call).
·         LLDNC (LandLine Do Not Call),
·         MDNC (Mobile Do Not Call),
·         CDNC (CDMA Do Not Call),
·         WDNC (Wireless Do Not Call),
·         SDNC (Satellites Do Not Call), and
·         ADNC (Aliens Do Not Call), Also plz activate….
·         VCCDNC (Vodafone Customer Care Do Not Call).
Kindly Shut up and do not waste my time in such jokes, I'm not in a mood to waste my time with useless Vodafone excuses…. I want results from Vodafone services.

Another Vodafone customer representative told me that I'm having Full DND on my mobile so I'm not able to receive SBI, Reliance, Max new York life, ICICI sms of registration. But even with Full DND on I'm receiving promotional sms bcoz now u say that something new is not activated. If full DND is blocking messages from such trusted sources… then Why The F%^& other messages are excluded from full DND's?. I would also like to thank u for revealing the information about 3days limit of reporting the promotional sms, I wonder how did I stayed alive  without such an important information till today. This is the proof that Vodafone is helping Advertisers by creating hidden rules whenever they want, and they're not sharing these rules with their customer from time to time…. This is how Vodafone says: Happy to help ????

Leave it, I know Vodafone have trained u guys in a good way… so u have 100s of useless excuses. I don't want to hear them, I just want all promotional sms to be blocked, on the same time I need to receive messages from online services (registered) with SBI, ICICI, Reliance, Max New York Life.

Kindly talk to the point, and let me know what should I do to block promotional sms, and receive sms from registered organizations. Kindly note that all nonsense replies will be sent to consumer complaints forum as proof against Vodafone company.

Thanks & Regards,
GS Virdi

From: Vodafonecaredel (DEL-NE) [mailto:vodafonecaredel@vodafone.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 2:58 PM
To: Gurinder Singh Virdi
Subject: Receipt of promotional communication on Vodafone mobile number 9811490073

Dear Mr. Virdi,

Thank you for writing to Vodafone regarding the receipt of promotional communication on your Vodafone mobile.
As per our records, your Vodafone number was not registered under NDNC (National Do Not Call) registry.
We would like to inform you that as per our records the DND service was activated on 19/10/2011 and deactivated dated 16/02/2012 on your account.
On reference of your email, the DNC service has been activated on your Vodafone number.
The DNC service will be implemented post 7days of the activation date hence we are not able to take action on same.
Further, we would like to inform you that as per TRAI Unsolicited Commercial Communication Regulation subscribers are required to register complaints with the respective operators within 3 days from the date of receipt of same. As the details were not provided by you within 3 days of receival hence we are not able to take any further action on same.
Further, if you receive any promotional call/sms. Request you to provide the below mentioned mandatory details within 3 days of receipt of call/SMS to resolve your complaint on the promotional call/sms received on your Vodafone number.
·          Number from which call/SMS received (Mandate)
·         Date of call/SMS (Mandate)
·         Time of Call/SMS (Optional)
·         Content of call/SMS (Mandate)
Assuring you with best of our services and we value your association with us.

Happy to help,
Sanjay Singh
Vodafone Care

Contact numbers:
Vodafone Care                         : 111 or +91-9811098110                      
Fax number                               : +91-9811098114/9811000009
E-mail                                        : vodafonecare.del@vodafone.com
Website                                     : http://www.vodafone.in/

From: Gurinder Singh Virdi
Sent: 20-Feb-2012 09:36
Subject: Disturbing SMS on my DND Number.

It had been long time since I'm bearing up with promotional sms on my DND activated number. I had activated full DND on my number, but still all kind of useless sms are coming.
But I'm not getting unique code sms on my phone when I'm trying to register on mutual fund websites & mobile baking, disappointingly I'm forced to receive all useless and unwanted promotional sms….. what kind of customer friendly service is this????
I've attached records of all such unwanted sms, kindly check and try to stop them. Thanks in advance.
GS Virdi,
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