Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guardian angels

Dear Friends,
Have u ever had this feeling of "Fear" that something bad is gonna happen? I'm having this bad feeling since Monday evening (it is 4:17pm Wednesday now). I'm not at all a God fearing person, bcoz  I never fear those whom I luv dearly... and he is one of them.
But this bad feeling is hampering the tremendous outflow of my positive energy, I'm feeling as if "I'm not luv'd anymore, as if someone had removed me from his/her heart, as if something unpleasant is gonna happen." Obviously these are not good feelings, and even if I try to not to think about them.... unstoppable and so powerful...  they are all coming back to my head.
Is this my Guardian angel talking? He/She had already told me about something to be ready for... is he/she also trying to make me get ready for future? I'm not sure... if u r having any idea about this bad feeling then plz do share.
Anyway I'm listening to it all, and is keeping myself engulfed in all this confusion. Getting distracted right now is not the right thing to do at this minute, otherwise I will not be reminded of these things even when I tried to forget them.
Friends plz don't feel bad about my silence, I maybe behaving/appearing different but plz don't misunderstand me. I'm not upset with anybody, u will always stay close to my heart.
Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.
Luv u

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  1. U are always luved and cared for...just stay positive, its just a day of disturbed seasonal weather....:)


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