Sunday, February 13, 2011


I miss these meaningful chats which we used to do in past.... life had turned too busy. If u're unmarried don't see this... its a boring chat. For married people, its time for u all to realize the truth and reason of ur living. Bcoz only u have to become the perfect example for ur kids, nobody else in this world can play ur role. I was blessed to have a wonderful parents who taught me so much that today I'm able to think clearly about what's right n what's wrong for me. I won't waste ur time on lecture, so let's go thru what I liked talking about..... The meaningful chatting...

Friend: just remember u are tooooo youngggg

gsvirdi: :)

gsvirdi: yes ji.... number wise I am.... age

Friend: hmm..kuch nahin for now

gsvirdi: but bcoz I came to know that I have a right to luv anybody on this earth (irrespective of this number) so I'm using my right to do so :)

Friend: u make me smile :)

Friend: yes ppl should be taught more about luv ki language

Friend: i know our indian ppl copy western society....

gsvirdi: ppl always copy a lifestyle where responsibilites are not there

Friend: kids in primary start having sex n the time they grow up.... they are tired with their lifes...being abused from a small age

Friend: just like yesterday i told uuuu...woman here wannna free lifeee

Friend: w/ends they wanna go out party, alcohol n sex.... they leave their small kids at babysitters for night or may be for the w/end....there is so much tension in married life here

Friend: everyone wants easy way out

gsvirdi: there is nothing called easy way out in marriage.

gsvirdi: marriage is a responsible life, and ppl don't wanna take responsibilites and fall into a trap of loyalty.

gsvirdi: and everybody on this earth enjoys a irresponsible life without having any rules... and enjoying the freedom to anything.

Friend: easy way they feel they have a free few days of pleasure...those few days....they feel they are on the top of the clouds...who cares its my life ..wala baat ho jaata

Friend: its a big crisis workers get so frasturated with families..esp apna ppl jiii

gsvirdi: same thing ji.... lack or responbilitty in the person. a responsible person will not go and do such thing.

gsvirdi: I belive that this 1 word can change anybody's life

gsvirdi: just become responsible for everything we do in this life, and u will see that there are millions of things which needs our heart and soul in it. we are living a life of fun n enjoyment only.

gsvirdi: its a person's own responsibility to remain honest, caring, luving affectionate, loyal, faithful, and dependable for his family and friends.

Friend: yes jiii....

gsvirdi: and once u leave ur responsible attitude in life... there is no way to gain it back, and u'll continue to fall lower and lower in ur cultural values.

Friend: sooooooooo true jiii....

gsvirdi: irresponsible ppl make fun of such honest ppl, but its our responsibility to respect other person also... I've seen in my life that its all game of 1 word ji.... responsibility.

Friend: responsibilty for u jiiiiiiiiii.....plzz tell meee thoda saaa

gsvirdi: kabhi kabhi mujhey lagta hai I'm a wrong person in 21st century. I should be somewhere in 17th or 18th century. lol

Friend: u have to teach ppl of 21st century..... morales n responsibilty of life tooooo

gsvirdi: for me Resp. is everything, it starts with respecting & luving everybody around u as if they all are ur family.

gsvirdi: which sounds impossible at this stage of life

gsvirdi: nobody can do this untill others also respect/luv him/her in return. 1 person can't keep luving n respecting the remaining world without getting anything in return.

Friend: trueeeee jiiiii.... mere saath aise hi hota kyonnnnnn

gsvirdi: this situation is just like respecting n luving god....  god will not come down n say that I also luv n respect u. but still a person can luv n respect god forever....

gsvirdi: @aisa kiyu; I've found a easier way to luv all, I try NOT to expect anything in return of what I'm doing. I've told myself that the reason of my life is to respect and luv all. and if I'm not doing it, then it means that my life is a waste. So to make my life a meaningful thing... I'm respecting n luving all without expecting anything in return.

gsvirdi: It becomes hard with others direspect me, then I tell myeself that maybe this is the only thing they can give me... bcoz they are poor in their soul.... so I forgive them and continue to live my life respecting n luving others.

gsvirdi: Ex: just like we will forgive ur kids for their mistakes they made in childhood and still we luv them.

Friend: may be we are born to think diff parts of the world

gsvirdi: :)

gsvirdi: then the satan in me tells that it is my right to be respected and I should ask for it.

gsvirdi: But my angels blesses me with their wisdom... and tells me that 1st concentrate on doing my duties. later I can ask for my rights... and if I will finish my duties properly... then god himself with make sure that I will get all my rights without asking for them.

gsvirdi: and when god is doing sumthing for me, then why should I worry about that thing??? so I try to concentrate on doing my duty of respecting and luving  all.

gsvirdi: Life is so complecated, n yet sooo simple to live and enjoy.

gsvirdi: :)

Friend: soooo understanding thoughts..kehte hai keep doing ur duties .....u will be blessed with everything..its just a matter of time

Friend: sometimes we make it complicated in our own way..sometimes its the ppl around us make is miserable

Friend: so stay content :)

gsvirdi: soch raha hu ki peenay ki liye koi cold drink le aau.

gsvirdi: moreover cold drink is not so necessary for me to live, iss liye idea dropped.

gsvirdi: mai bahut simple thinking karta hu ji.

gsvirdi: Required or Not required.... aur decision kar liya

gsvirdi: :)

gsvirdi: whenever I'm sad.... I listen to music, and imagine that I'm singing and god's sitting infront and listing to me. I feel gud :)

Friend: i enjoy music....

gsvirdi: :)

Friend: music is my best frnd.......................... okkk

gsvirdi: i treate music differently... I feel its a higher language to communicat from inner soul to higher angels.

Friend: best frnd why becaz..someone is singing..I quietly sit n listen naa jii

Friend: jaise side by sideee

gsvirdi: :)

gsvirdi: cho romantik

Friend: romance with musicccccccc...luv it

gsvirdi: me too :)

Friend: do u know its my 2.46ammmm

gsvirdi: OOH... no ji.... I'm really sorry. I feel now its ur time to go n sleep :)

Friend: why u sorry now jiii

gsvirdi: take some rest ji... u have to do lots of things this weekend

gsvirdi: sorry that I didn't kept track of ur time

Friend: no sorry jiiiiiiiii

Friend: i had my smart now

gsvirdi: its ur kindness that u r saying that  but i should be sorry too bcoz its my duty to be responsible for ur resting time. :)

Friend: if I had something important to be donee.... i would be sleeping

gsvirdi: so it does not mean that u will stay awake in the night and then ur body will ask for rest in the middle of the day... n u'll be tired

Friend: will sleep in a bit

Friend: no tension jiii

gsvirdi: :)

gsvirdi: so now it's on u that whenever u wanaa leave

Friend: hmmmm.....goood

gsvirdi: I feel tonight we have talked lots of nice things... a food for soul u can add in ur book

Friend: am happy

gsvirdi: so u better save this chat

gsvirdi: without my name in it.


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