Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sin and Faith: What's common??

While talking to one of my dear friend in my office, I just had this thought. This guy is not a old time friend, he’s my colleague but now we’re friends!

As I was listening to his unhappiness faced in life, I got this thought. What’s common in Sin & Faith? U can stop reading and close ur eyes to think the answer... Otherwise I’m gonna tell u.

A common thing in Sin & Faith is the single alphabet ‘I’ standing in the heart of both words. As I realized the depth of that answer given by my heart… I was silently surprised. Let’s talk about what I think of this heart (I).

Sin:: U will find ‘I’ in the heart of sin, and this I will make u do a lot of things which eventually bring the other two characters (S and N) together. Before u can ever realize the outcome, the ‘I’ in the heart… would have already made u complete the word “Sin”. With that u also acquire the basic qualification of being called as Sinner :).

Either now u can ask for forgiveness and pledge that u will try ur best to not let this happen again in ur life. Else like others u can continue living happily being a sinner and keep making a million more sins to hide the one u made earlier. I believe that we all here on the internet are educated enough to select the best path in our life.

Faith:: U will find the same ‘I’ in the heart of faith also, but here his heart will make u flexible, soft spoken, kind, and super strong to trust the unseen god. In previous case the ‘I’ need not do lot of hard work to bring the S and N together, but in this case ur complete dedication is used to bring FA and TH together.

The heart is same, the ‘I’; but the outcome is totally different. The heart is same, the ‘I’; but “You” will be a total different person in both these situations. By the way have u thought about differences and comparison also????

Faith: It needs a massive strength of faith to stay steady in life

Sin: U can always expect to escape the tough parts of life if u Sin.

Faith: Will take u farther away from ‘I’.

Sin: Concentrates on the core of heart, the ‘I’.

Faith: U loses everything if it (faith) is gone.

Sin: U gain happiness & contentment if it (sin) is gone.

Faith: Makes u the follower, follower of the almighty creator.

Sin: Makes u the leader, leader of the world which starts from ‘I’ and ends on ‘I’.

What more can u think??? I’m waiting for more additions into the list above. Please do contribute.

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