Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stars & the God.

Thou seest many stars at night in the sky, but findest them not when the sun rises. Canst thou say that there are no stars, then, in the heaven of day? So, O man, because thou beholdest not the Almighty in the days of thy ignorance, say not that there is no God. - Sri Ramakrishna

Read those lines again, word-by-word, aren’t they having deep meaning? Yes! We know they are deep thoughts; full of love. You must be feeling a bit surprised the way I am feeling right now, the word “Ignorance” is not expected from the kind mouth of a great soul like Sri Ramakrishna. We all will agree that this word is full of negativity, then why such a blessed soul used this word? Before talking about anything else I would like to think first about the reason why Sri Ramakrishna used such a negative word. I believe it’s the anger which might have made appear that this word is best and most appropriate word to be used at that time when he said those enlightened thoughts. Leaving all things behind, can u accept that the kindest soul like Sri Ramakrishna can be angry? Yes he can be, because due to their ignorant behavior people are insulting the almighty by ignoring his inevitable existence. Can you now feel that magnitude of anger which might have touched Sri Ramakrishna at that time when he saw that the “God” whom he loves like anything is a matter of doubt of those ignorant people?

We all are clear with the meaning of Ignorance, the lack of knowledge or education. Sri Ramakrishna mentioned this ignorance of people in 20th century, but the real question is why and how can people of 21st century still be called as Ignorant? It is not right to say that people of 20th century did not have proper knowledge or education, but still people were called ignorant. I believe that we all get to behave like an ignorant person at least once everyday in our life. We’re all nicely trained to tackle occupational stress and now we all can fight the hectic life full of endless competition for existence in present scenario. But we lack in our ability to handle our personal life and how to control our thoughts, actions and words.

We all agree to the fact that we can never ignore the existence of God, but in hard times we all question that Almighty itself. A common question which we all had asked at least once in life is “Why me?” Any idea why? Can this be called as our weak faith in god? Or is it just the lack of complete trust? Are we cheating our self by calling ourselves as god fearing person?

Why is it so that when we are 100% sure in saying that stars are always there in the sky, but at the same time we question god whenever we face hard times of our life? When we call him “the almighty lord” then why… and how can we humans dare to question his wish and actions?

Don’t we need to strengthen our faith more and more? Instead of asking god, why should we not first find out a solution of these weaknesses in ourselves? We surely can do it, but still we are suffering from the same weakness which had prevailed from centuries. God’s there, always around us, still our heart feels the pain of loneliness, still our mind feels the burns of being discriminated whenever we see others climbing higher than us. Whenever we get hurt in life we always forget that “Whenever the right time comes, we will always get whatever we deserve”, why the pain becomes greater than the love for god? When we say that we are children of god and he is always looking after us, then why we are still weak enough to blame those who give us pain? How could you ever experience the pain unless the god himself had not wished to let u face the pain? Why our faith in god needs to be corrected by inspirational words from others? When god is always there, and he is always watching over us, and is always doing the best for us… then why does our faith, trust and love for god is not able to crush the pains of life?

Oh god… so many of these unanswered questions makes me feel that I REALLY needs to think seriously about weaknesses I’m having in myself. If you have answers for any of these questions then do let me know so that I’m also able to enjoy the sweetness which Sri Ramakrishna had tasted by drowning himself in eternal nectar of Almighty’s love.

I wish for peace, love, stronger faith, happiness and good health for all of u readers.

Be blessed,

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